Best Shoes Cubby in 2020 | For Your Shoes Collection!

A shoes cubby is a piece of furniture that helps in organizing and storing shoes in your house. You can place this item in different places depending on the preferences of individuals and other factors such as size and available space. It is one important product which everyone should make a must to have in their homes.

The market has several selections for shoes cubbies, with each having a distinctive mark of quality and which goes with the difference in preferences of individuals.

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Top10 Best Shoes Cubby in 2020

10. ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable 15-Unit Organizer

ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable 15-Unit Organizer, White

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It is time to take your shoes storage and organization to the next level with this stylish and beautiful product. Further, this cubby is ideal for placement in hallways, living rooms, and mudrooms.

They are 15 partitions, each measuring 5.75inch by 4.5inch by 11inch to accommodate a huge number of shoes. In addition, wood is the material that makes the product which adds components like being environmentally friendly and portability.


  • Built wood, which is TSCA TITTLE VI Compliant, which contributes to aspects of aesthetics and durability.
  • Easily fits into several spaces without causing negative changes in their appearance.
  • Portable and easy to assemble and disable.

9. VASAGLE Cubbie Shoe Cabinet Storage Bench

VASAGLE Cubbie Shoe Cabinet Storage Bench

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Perfect storage to hold a substantial weight of up to 440lb. Moreover, it helps to organize your house by holding up to 10 pairs of shoes to maintain your room in ideal conditions.

This one is available in different sizes and designs, allowing you to choose the one that fits bests. Furthermore, middle shelves are adjustable to fit uneven shoe sizes and designs or other items such as baskets.


  • The top part is soft making you comfortable when removing or putting on shoes.
  • Holds up to the weight of two adults on top of storing a substantial number of shoes and accessories.
  • A simple and direct method of assembly, adjusting, and disassembly.

8. Simplify 16 Pair Stackable Shoe Rack

Simplify 16 Pair Stackable Shoe Rack

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Have your entryways or living room organized with the use of this item. Additionally, with this type, it becomes easy to assemble and store as many shoes and accessories to the mark often.

It offers perfect dimensions to fit almost any shoe size in the 16 individual compartments. It also has a simple roll front cover to keep the contents covered where need be. Stands on its own without support.


  • Made from simple materials which are also easy to clean and maintain
  • Huge compartments to fit available accessories.
  • It is possible to add extensions on top to increase the space available.

7. SONGMICS 4-Tier Shoe Rack

SONGMICS 4-Tier Shoe Rack

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With a combination of iron and plastic, a huge and open shoes cubby is available to serve a huge number of up to 20. Moreover, it offers convenience to the user with simple usage and maintenance needs.

Manufactured from robust metal and joined with quality plastic connectors, it presents one of a kind shoes cubby. Certainly, the thick iron tubes are durable and strong enough to service you over a long time.


  • Simple partitions are giving you creativity on arrangements to use.
  • Comes with easy and direct assembly procedure.
  • Easy to clean as it only requires wiping with a dump cloth when dust or mud accumulates.

6. STNDRD. Bamboo Shoe Rack Organizer

STNDRD. Bamboo Shoe Rack Organizer

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This high-quality but straightforward shoes rack is a piece of attraction serving your storage needs while adding beauty to your house. In addition, it is perfect for both living rooms and hallways.

They are made from natural and altered bamboo trees to give them the rustic and captivating look. Moreover, ample space to accommodate several shoes and other accessories, including indoor plants. It is light and easy to move around.


  • The product is eco-friendly, having been made from natural bamboo.
  • Great price advantage over others as it is made from natural and relatively cheap bamboo.
  • Durable as bamboo is immune to most wood eating insects and adverse climatic and human triggered conditions.

5. Sorbus Shoe Organizer Bin

Sorbus Shoe Organizer Bin

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With this incredible product, you have a chance to organize up to 6 shoe pairs with style and an attractive arrangement. Ideal for any living room, bedroom, and laundry area.

One of its unique aspects is that it has two handles on both ends move easy movements during use and cleaning. It sits on a flat base hence ensuring stability and zero chances of causing injuries and accidents. Additionally, this cubby is spacing saving.


  • The product is detachable to simplify things like cleaning and transportation.
  • Environmentally friendly as it is made from nonwoven fabrics, ensuring durability.
  • Partitions are well designed to fit most shoe sizes in addition to other accessories like baby clothes.

4. JustRoomy 4-Tier 16 Cubby

JustRoomy 4-Tier 16 Cubby

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Made from polyester, the cubby presents a vast and beautiful product to plan, organize, and store your shoes and other accessories. And it contains large partitions to fit several pairs on top of other related accessories.

It is made from polyester and durable metals to help it stand on its own. 4 bins transform the cubes into drawers. Further, being made from light materials makes it easy to move around and fit where desired.


  • Excellent capacity tuning to 25lbs.
  • Simple to assemble, disassemble, and clean.
  • Made from selected polyesters and durable think metal tubes giving it a long life.

3. Simple Houseware 4-Tier Shoe Rack Storage Organizer

Simple Houseware 4-Tier Shoe Rack Storage Organizer

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With an open and simple structure, this shoe rack presents an appealing and affordable product. Additionally, the item is enormous enough to accommodate between 12 to 20 pairs of shoe ideal for any family.

It is made from thick metal tubes and polyester for the shelves where each shelf has a holding capacity of 30 lbs. Moreover, the polyester material is washable, keeping it clean all the time.


  • The shoe cubby is adjustable to add or remove the shelves extending or reducing its capacity as per available needs.
  • Strong enough to hold a weight of up to 30lbs without it sagging or affecting its stability.
  • Suitable for a variety of locations matching the one chosen as they come in different colors and styles.

2. STORAGE MANIAC 5-Tier 10-Compartment Cubby

STORAGE MANIAC 5-Tier 10-Compartment Cubby

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This unit not only serves the storage and organizational purposes but also gives the area it is placed an incredible appearance. It also comes with extra side pockets to add room for more items.

The shoe cubby is strong enough to carry up to 10 freely fitted pairs of shoes with additional side pockets. In addition, the metal tubes on which it stands are made from highly durable and robust metals to support its weight. Certainly, the polyester material is quick and straightforward to clean, ensuring hygiene.


  • Excellent weight handling capability without the need for extra support.
  • Quality materials are used in its making, robust polyester canvas and thick metal tubes.
  • Stores a variety of accessories, including shoes and clothing.

1. Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves Closet Organizer

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves Closet Organizer

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Whitmor”s hanging shoe shelf is a game-changer in this line with a record-breaking capacity of up to 30 pairs of shoes. Better still, it consumes very little space but still manages to serve your storage needs exceptionally. The floor space it consumes is tiny as most of its body goes upwards, giving room for other items in a room.

It is made from a durable, reinforced, and breathable canvas to serve you for long. Notably, it stands on a flat bottom, which incorporates a strong sense of stability. Reinforcements are optional to make it more secure. Reinforcements are made in the form of steel frames.


  • Well divided portions or cubes to fit shoes and any other accessories.
  • Excellent self-support reinforced by robust steel metal tubes.
  • Quick and simple assembly process.

Organizing your bedroom, hallway, or living room will need a good shoe cubby. The market has several types of these products, with each having something different from the other. However, all the ones discussed here are carefully chosen and can be used to satisfy such a purpose with efficacy. From the ones above, you can select the one that is appealing and able to fit into your needs.

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