Don’t Go Back to High School Without Shopping This Essential Checklist

Yes, we know it's still Summer, but before you know it, you'll be heading to high school. Aside from picking out the perfect first day outfit and making sure you've got your favorite snacks on hand, come back to school armed with all your supplies. Yes, there are the basics, like notebooks, pens, and backpacks, but any student knows that you can't just have any old pencil. There are certain products that make us feel like we can take on anything the classroom might throw at us, and when you're walking in on your first day, any extra confidence boost is always appreciated.

These are what we'd like to call the high school essentials. A great, high quality notebook is a must, a physical planner is surprisingly useful, and the right backpack is a game changer. Plus, every high school student needs headphones, a laptop, and a calculator that can do practically anything. School is stressful enough, don't let back to school shopping get you down. Keep reading to shop our picks, and you'll have your best year yet.

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