Game Room Furniture: 20 Stylish Ideas For Your Gaming Space

Game room furniture creates the perfect atmosphere. You don’t have to be a serious gamer or pool player to have the best game room decor. Based on  the variety and sizes of indoor games, the size of your game room doesn’t matter.

Game room furniture

You want a space that you and your friends can enjoy while shooting pool, playing foosball, or chess. If videos games are your thing, ergo dynamic furniture, for example, could prevent spinal cord injuries or wrist tenosynovitis.

To help find the best game room furniture for your home gaming center, we’ve gathered some amazing game room furniture ideas to help you. 

Hot Game Room Decor Ideas For 2022

Luxury Pool Table 

Teckell minimalist pool table

This Teckell pool table is not your average design. There are plenty that stands out and break the pattern. This one, for instance, from, is quite unusual.

The design stands out with its form, material palette and details such as the perfectly stretched cloth that provides a flawless surface, the soundproof polyurethane layer below that, or the custom and highly flexible polyurethane pockets which can hold three balls and then return to their original shape.

Crystal Top Foosball Table

Canaletto wood foosbal table

Foosball tables are classic game room furniture pieces. However, they’re usually not the most stylish things you can put in there. Designs like the 90° Minuto from Teckell.

Its design is simple and chic, putting an attractive spin on the traditional models. The tapered Canaletto wood legs give the table a luxurious look. The table’s crystal top makes this foosball table design unlike the others.

Modern Foosball Table

Cristallino contemporary minimalist foosbal table

This example reinvents foosball by giving it a stylish edge. The Cristallino table is considered a work of art. Created using modern technology and design techniques, the table has a clear glass structure with beveled corners.

The players are made of aluminum, one team featuring a shiny chrome finish while the other has a dark nickel finish.

Billiards And Dining Table Combo

Toulet and Christophe Lambert Pool table

Elegant Toulet and Christophe Lambert Pool table

Toulet and Christophe Lambert Pool table and dining table

Toulet and Christophe Lambert Pool table and dining table design

If you’re looking for more than a regular pool table, Design Billiards has some interesting concepts to offer. For instance, the luxury models are customizable and modular and some can double as dining tables, meaning that you don’t really need a separate game room and you can just put them in your living room.

Art Deco Pool Table Designs

MMB Billiard stack pool table

mbmbiliardi italy pool table

mbmbiliardi italy pool table with chromed legs

Red and white mbmbiliardi italy pool table

MBMBiliardi is also a top name when it comes to luxury pool tables and everything related. One of their products is the Ziggurat table which takes inspiration from pyramids.

Futuristic Pool Table

Blacklight pool table

This luxurious and glamorous piece of furniture/ accessory is the Blacklight, an amazing and unique pool table with a few very intriguing characteristics. It has a one-of-a-kind shape which would be enough to make it stand out.

In addition to that, it can be configured and customized down to the smallest details. You can even opt for the overhanging top which lets it double as a dining table.

Custom Billiard Table

Megeve delicate beauty of a billiard table

Megeve delicate beauty of a billiard table design

Megeve delicate beauty of a billiard table-sliding system

Megeve delicate beauty of a billiard table in wood

Modularity can also be a characteristic of the Megeve billiard table if you choose to add a tabletop that is. In any case, the table is customizable from start to finish, ensuring that each piece is unique.

First, you get to choose the type of wood and the finish, then the feet and after that, you can get creative and cover your table in leather for a touch of originality. The design itself is simple.

Modern Pool Table

Fusion Tables - Vintage dining table - pool for gaming room

Meet the New Vintage table, a wonderful materialization of contrasting styles and design details. The table has a recognizable and memorable style, combining modern and traditional elements.

Notice the striking contrast between the reclaimed wood body and the industrial metal frame and the way everything can be hidden under a solid top.

Elegant Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Table from James De Wulf

Pool tables are fun but also common, so you might want something different. One way to be a bit original is to choose a ping pong table instead.

An elegant pool table is not that common, so you’ll need to know where to look, especially if you want one that’s elegant. Check out James de Wulf for a few classic ideas.

Large Vintage Chess Table 

Tall chess game table with stools

Coffee chess game table design

Chess dates goes back almost 1500 years. If you want a chess table you don’t have to worry about being trendy or out of style. This design is a vintage classic.

Game And Dining Table Combo

authentic models game table

Wood ping pong table

Whatever type of table you choose for your game room, make sure it’s a quality piece and, if possible, take modularity and multifunctional designs into consideration.

Pool or ping pong tables can easily double as a dining table and something smaller like a chess table can double as a cocktail table.

Vintage Arcade Decor

If your goal is to create a perfect atmosphere that feels ripped from the past, antique and vintage decor will help you capture the spirit of yesteryear.

Antique Shuffleboard Table

shuffleboard for gaming room

An old shuffleboard table offers a classic vintage touch.

Classic Jukebox

Luxury and retro games furniture

If you want to pretend you’re living in the 50s or 60s, music would the best way to transport yourself back to those classic eras.

Soda Shop Jukebox

Vintage music machine for gaming room

Before Starbucks, ever town had a soda fountain shop. You could always count a jukebox for music. An

Record Player Jukebox

Vintage and old music gaming machine

Before CDs, there was vinyl. Jukeboxes featured the latest singles from the most popular artists of the day.

Antique Pinball Machine

Old gaming machine for gaming room

Of course, if you’re serious about having a game room that really stands out and makes you feel great, you might also enjoy vintage arcade games or pinball machines.

You should check out the Games Room Company for really cool pieces and some inspiration for your space. As you collect stuff and your game collection gets bigger and bigger, the decor will start to take shape and will transform.

Adult Games Casino Table

Geoffrey parker maxx game table

If pool tables or foosball tables are a bit too mainstream and vintage arcade games are a bit too serious for you, maybe a casino table would be just the thing your game room needs.

Check out the Maxx Tables that impress with their simple and modern designs and wonderfully planned details.

Casino Table With Hidden Drawers

Geoffrey parker round game table

And speaking of casino tables, we just found a really awesome piece. It’s a Casino Drum Table and it has four hidden drawers which can hold everything required for a great game night at the end of which everything can be concealed inside the table’s frame.

The design is a mixture of modern and traditional and the table has a strong personality which allows it to fit nicely in a variety of settings.

An Indoor Shuffleboard Table

game room decor An Indoor Shuffleboard Table

If you love playing shuffleboard but can’t always spend time outdoors, bring the game indoors with this wooden shuffleboard table from Rolling Stone. You can choose from a variety of sizes to fit your needs, and it’s made from solid butcher block wood with a solid plywood framing structure.

You’ll find there’s leg storage, slice scoring, and deluxe pucks included with your purchase. It comes with an extra deep playfield, which looks better in your game room and will also feel more enjoyable to play on.

Pac Man Home Arcade Game

game room decor Pac-Man Home Arcade Game

There’s no better game than Pac-Man to add to your game room decor, and you can order a full-size gaming machine to play in the comfort of your own home from Sharper Image.

Kids and adults alike will love playing this game, and this machine will make a stunning centerpiece for your game room. The great thing about these machines is that they can fit against your wall if you are short of space, so they are ideal for rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Multi Combo Game Table

Multi Combo Game Table

We aren’t all lucky enough to have a game room that’s big enough to fit multiple tables in one room. This multi combo game table from Amazon offers five different surfaces, so you’ll have endless gaming options for nights of fun with your family and friends.

All of the accessories are included, making it quick and easy to switch between games. This table includes slide hockey, foosball, pool, shuffleboard, table tennis, chess, cards, checkers, bowling, and also backgammon. So there really is something for everyone.

Modern Pinball Machine

game room decor A Modern Pinball Machine

For avid pinball fans, you’ll be impressed by the options available today, which are based on your favorite movies and TV shows. We love this pinball machine that’s inspired by The Mandalorian that we found on Youtube. You’ll be transported to another galaxy during this game, where you’ll battle enemies during your journey. 

Four In One Multi Game Table

game room decor 4-in-1 Sports Table

Game-lovers will enjoy this 4-in-1 table from Wayfair. The multi-combo set up is a money-saver for game rooms. The console offers slide hockey, table tennis, foosball, and pool – the four classic indoor games. 

The small table is easy to convert when you want to change games. Due to its size, clutter will never be an issue. 

Pool Table And Foosball Combo

Pool Table And Foosball Combo

This two-in-one combo is easy to convert when you want to switch games. Its small size also reduces clutter and works well in smaller spaces. Lightweight and portable, the unit offers easy storage. You can keep the table on display or fold it and put in a closet.  

Game Room Interior Design Ideas

Traditional Family Game Room 

Traditional Family Game Room 

This design from Park Place Design LLC is part family room and almost all game room. The features include an enclosed marble floor with red walls, standard fireplace, tone fireplace. Unlike most game rooms, this doesn’t feature a TV, which some people find appealing.

Modern Farmhouse Audio Video Game Room

Modern Farmhouse Audio Video Game Room
This video game loft features three TVs. There’s enough room for a three-person sofa and game table. The layout features a mid-sized country loft-style linoleum floor with beige walls and stone fireplace.

Contemporary Game Room Design

Large game room decor 1024x682
This game room layout from cgsdb features porcelain tile and a beige flooring design. It has a full bar, gray walls, metal fireplace, and media wall. The interior construction showcases reclaimed barnwood beams with LED lighting. The game room furniture includes window seats made of reclaimed wood.

Transitional Game Room

Transitional Game Room

From Wade Design Architects, this transitional game room infuses indoor and outdoor elements. The game room furniture offers rustic hues to complement the surrounding outdoor setting. 

Family Game Room

Family Game Room

This game room layout from Design West features a traditional dark wood floor. Brown floor game room with beige walls and a wall-mounted TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are Some Common Problems Of Gamer Chairs?

Many gamers develop bad posture due to the chairs they use. The problem with gaming chairs is their design is focussed on appearances instead of ergonomics. Most gaming chairs have hard backrests and offer limited lumbar support.

Does Gaming Chair Affect Performance?

It gives you an ideal sitting position for better posture and enhanced performance. The gaming chair also allows for proper blood circulation throughout the body. When you assume the right posture, blood flow is not interrupted.

Can Gaming Chairs Fix Posture?

Gaming chairs provide back support and can correct damaged posture. Gaming chairs strengthen muscles, providing you with more energy. A proper sitting posture contributes to physical wellbeing by enhancing productivity.

Why Does My Gaming Chair Hurt My Back?

The size of your game chair is probably causing back pain. Ergonomic chair usage: improper use of a chair’s ergonomic features can cause problems. For instance, a lumbar pillow set too low or too high will strain your lower back. Workstation habits: moving while you sit is important.

How Long Do Gamer Chairs Last?

Gaming chairs on average last two years. For less serious gamers, their chairs will last three to five years. However, and just as it is with any furniture piece, its longevity will be determined by how much it’s used. 

Game Room Furniture Conclusion

With game room furniture, there are many things to consider. The first thing gamers will do to create the perfect atmosphere is installed a gaming console and widescreen plasma TV. After that’s taken care of, your game room furniture decor should be your biggest priority. 

Gaming chairs can prevent poor posture caused by excessive gaming. It’s easier when your game room has a ping pong table or pool table as both games require physical effort to play. 

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