Good morning friends! How’s your week going?  Are you adjusting to the time change?  It was weird waking up early yesterday and it still being so dark out.  But, I do love the lighter evenings.  I feel like it gives me more energy

Speaking of, I shared my mini Fitness & Productivity Goals sheet on Stories yesterday and y’all said you wanted a printable for it, so I added it to my printables library.

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These six goals are helping my accountability in the fitness and productive realm of my life before Spring Break.  We all need that little push sometimes.  I’m keeping my sheet on the fridge and I check off each box as I complete it.  It’s a visual reminder and something about checking off a box feels oh so satisfying.  I’ve already missed a few, that dang time change- slept until 9:30 on Sunday!  But that’s okay, I’m still sticking with it!

What would your top 6 goals be?

My Amazon obsession continues and it isn’t just limited to clothes.  It’s where I buy office supplies, home decor, the random things like boogie wipes and also home appliances and gadgets.  Each of the things below help make my life easier/better on a pretty consistent basis, so I’m happy to share them with you today.


Air Fryer • I use my air fryer almost everyday and it’s amazing!  It’s healthier than traditional frying because you don’t need to add any oil.  I typically cook fish in it (350 for 10 minutes), but I’ve also done lots of veggies (Brussels sprouts are so good), chicken wings, fries, and more.  It comes with a handy recipe book to help get you started.

Nutribullet •  This little gadget is for my smoothies and it’s super easy to use.  It’s got a powerful blade to quickly blend everything, but is also petite- perfect for small storage spaces.  Lately James has been making vanilla “Frappucinos” in it too!

Milk Frother • Definitely not a necessity, but a fun thing to have!  It’s great for frothing your coffee and hot chocolate. The kids go crazy for it!

Rapid Egg Cooker • This is a new purchase for me and I’m already smitten.  I got it because I wanted to start adding soft boiled eggs to my salads.  I usually avoid making boiled eggs because it takes too long and I never remember the recipe- I always have to google it and then I’m still not sure I’m doing it the best way.  This thing takes the guesswork out and gives you perfectly cooked eggs in minutes without having to think about it.  It can make hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, scrambled and even omelets!

Microwave Plate Cover • Oh man, one of my not favorite things to do is scrub caked on food in the microwave.  I got this microwave plate cover in December and cannot believe I didn’t get it sooner! It fits over your plate/bowl/container while you’re cooking or reheating your food, and any splashes are contained to the cover.  It washes super easy! Jordan loves spaghetti.  You should see this thing after I reheat spaghetti!  It looks like a blood bath, but I’d rather have that on the inside of this cover than all over my microwave!  You can easily wash it with soap and water and I’ve even put it in the dishwasher.

Dyson Stick Vac • Aside from my coffee maker, this is probably my favorite small appliance in my house.  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve used it because it’s typically everyday, and sometimes twice.  I use it to get all the kids’ crumbs up after their meals and also on the couch, stairs and in my car.  I love all the attachments and you even saw me using it to dust the shelves in my office and the holiday storage closet!  It’s seriously a game changer, not having a cord follow you around while you are vacuuming.  It’s an investment, but highly worth every penny!

Sponge & Brush Holder • The sponge and scrub brush are the bane of my existence!  I’ve tried keeping them under the sink because I really don’t like them out, but it’s such a pain to have to bend over and open the cabinet, reach for the sponge or brush so many times a day.  I finally made peace with keeping them in the sink and now it’s not so bad since I have this handy holder that holds both in one! It’s such a small thing, but the convenience is so nice.  This holder stays put because there is a wide sticky film that adheres to your sink, and then you put the metal part on it.  It’s never fallen!

Mini Portable Speaker • Did you guys see James’ party bus for his 10th birthday?  One thing I told him was that he needed to make a music playlist and then we had his dad bring his bluetooth speaker and the kids LOVED it!  They jammed out all night and it was so fun!  It made me want to get my own speaker for home and I’m crazy for this little guy I found!  It’s about the size of a small apple and the sound quality is so good!  I just charged it up with the cord it came with, turned it on and it automatically connected to my iPhone when I went to my bluetooth settings!  I love listening to music or podcasts when I’m cleaning and this thing is perfect.  And because it’s so small, it’s perfect for traveling or toting in your purse. It also comes in several colors – I got the gold.

Bath Caddy • Jordan loves to take baths and often changes her mind about which bathroom she wants to bathe in at night.  Sometimes it’s her bathroom, and sometimes my big bathtub. And she wants to have all her bath toys and bubbles during the bath.  I got tired of having to scoop them all up so I found this rubber bath caddy that has holes on the bottom so all the wet stuff can drain!  I literally just gather all her things, throw them in the caddy, and hang the handle on the faucet of the bathtub after the bath.  Then, I can easily bring it to another bathroom.  It’s also great for your collage age kids that need to tote their own shower supplies to a community bathroom.

Wash Cloths • Speaking of baths, we were running short on washcloths (but have plenty of towels), so I bought this big set in the three colors.  Purple for Jordan’s bathroom, pink for mine, and white for James. They are a great 12×12 size, absorbent, soft and wash well.  I should move some to the kitchen, I’m always needing to wipe Jordan’s face! They’re 24 for only $17 with 9,000+ positive reviews.

I can still think of a few more things I use almost daily, like my marble coffee warmer, glass straws, essential oil diffuser, and the new desk pad I’m crazy for!  The desk pad has had the unexpected benefit of making me enjoy sitting down at my desk each day because things are tidier now!

A couple fun things I just bought for the kids, but still need to install – a toilet light that changes colors in the dark (they will get a huge kick out of it!) and these mini string lights I’m going to put in Jordan’s room.  She’s been sleeping with me again and I don’t mind, but I still like to encourage her to be comfortable in her own room.  I think she’s gonna love these lights that look like a little curtain of stars!

What are your Amazon home faves?  I’d love to hear in the comments! 

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