Having an iron storage bag is a great idea because I just throw it right in the box that I purchased it from

This is super convenient to have, and great to store away in the closet. This would help me become more organized too. I love how sewingtimes tutorial on YouTube provides a Free pattern download, which makes this tutorial easier. This has inspired me to make one for my mom because she just keeps the iron on top of her iron board instead of storing it away. Plus, this is super cute and you can use any type of fabric design. Also, this would help keep the iron from picking up dust or dirt. I didn’t know I needed this iron storage bag until I came across this tutorial. I love how there’s a handle on top of the bag, which makes it super portable.


outer layer fabric (cotton oxford)
lining fabric (cotton linen)
woven fusible interfacing
fusible fleece interfacing
wide bias tape
wide webbing strap
sewing machine
fabric pins


First, start off by outlining the shape of the iron with the fusible fleece interfacing and woven fusible interfacing. Then, place it on your outer layer fabric and cut out the same shape.

Image by sewingtimes via YouTube
Next, sew the iron shape fabrics together and line the outer rim layer with the wide bias tape. Then, sew the wide bias tape onto the iron shape fabric. Continue to watch sewingtimes tutorial on YouTube for the rest of instructions.

Image by sewingtimes via YouTube
Overall, I love this iron case and the free sewing pattern is super helpful. Also, this storage bag is very useful for me because I hate having to take my iron out of the box every time I need it. In addition to that, I hate wrapping the wire around my iron and just storing it under my cabinets.

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