How To Clean The Clutter Off Your Beauty Counter, According To A Pro

By Emerald Elitou ·Updated October 7, 2021

Trust us, we know how hard it is to keep your vanity and beauty counters organized with a hectic schedule. Let’s just say the repercussions of rushing our beauty routine before heading out the door is easily noticeable. 

Ugh! And don’t even get us started with the lack of room we have for our growing arsenal of cleansers and moisturizers piling up on our bathroom counter. 

So, what causes this? We’ve got the deets from a professional organizer, along with tips on minimizing the lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, lotions, perfumes, and countless other items that we can never get through.

Why Beauty Products Can Become So Cluttered

“I believe our vanities, makeup bags, bathroom counters, and beauty closets become unorganized because we tend to procrastinate,” says professional organizer Ola Akintola, calling out busy individuals and professionals. “We promise ourselves to do it later, but later never comes. Next thing we know, we’ve adapted to the chaos and the dysfunction.”

Akintola speaks from experience. Before starting her organizing business, the Dallas, TX resident revealed that she kickstarted her passion by decluttering her own closet, vanity, and bathroom counter. This later led to her passion for helping others reorganize and tidy up their homes in hopes of achieving a more peaceful and orderly life. 

Start Organizing

Akintola says that the beginning of getting your vanity and other beautiful spaces in order is to get rid of open products that haven’t been touched within 1-2 months. 

While all products should be stored for lastability, most products have a stamp that tells you the lifetime in which you can keep the product open. She suggests taking out the time to clean our beauty areas at least once a month. “This will give you the opportunity to check your makeup and skincare items for expiration and also ensure that you are actively using them.”

Limit Your Collection And Ditch Unnecessary Products

A lot of times it takes us so long to get our looks together because we have too many options that leave us indecisive. Consider limiting your selection to just a few items. Instead of 20 lipstick shades, condense your number to seven, and only purchase when you are close to running out of your favorite product. “Consider using acrylic organizers and trays to keep your products visible and organized,” Akintola advises. “This will keep your products in their rightful place.”

Resist The Urge To Go BIG

If you are interested in trying a new product, don’t go for the big bottle. Purchase the trial sizes to be sure that it is something you like, and prevents you from breaking the bank. We suggest the following rule: If it doesn’t make it on your faves list, toss it and give your counter space.

Speaking of space, keep scrolling to see a few helpful products that can quickly neaten your beauty station. 

01AOA Skin Storage OrganizerThe high-quality plastic organizer is great for organizing your favorite products, makeup brushes, and more! Use at bathroom sink, desk, kitchen, or vanity. Photo Courtesy of Miss A available at Miss A $1.77 per unit 02mDesign Plastic Makeup Storage OrganizerThis storage unit provides plenty of space to store and organize your beauty essentials and go-to products. Store magnetic eyelashes, curlers, tweezers, lipstick, lip pencils, lip liner, eye shadows, eyeliner, contour palettes, kits, blush palettes, face powder, lip balm, blenders, barrettes, and hair combs. Keep nail polish and accessories neatly contained. Face creams, sheet masks and more can all be organized keeping your vanity or bathroom countertops neat and tidy. Photo Courtesy of mDesign available at $17.99 03mDesign Decorative Makeup Storage Organizer Vanity TrayThis cosmetic organizer with two shelf trays will keep items organized and in their place. Perfectly organize all of the items for your morning and nighttime face care regimen- lotions, oils, toners, serums, creams, and face masks will be organized and ready to go. This double tray stores all of your beauty needs: magnetic eyelashes, lip liner, eye shadows, contour palettes, kits, blush palettes, face powder, and lip gloss, and lip balm will all be within easy reach. Photo Courtesy of mDesign available at $19.99 04Poke A Dot OrganizerKeep cosmetics tidy and secure with this travel makeup organizer, designed to move seamlessly between at-home and on-the-go use. Its flatter shape makes it easy to see and reach what you need, and modular dividers let you configure your ideal layout for makeup, makeup tools, and small toiletries. Lock the lid on when it’s time to hit the road. Photo Courtesy of Poke A Dot available at Poke A Dot $39.95 05Kusshi Everyday Makeup BagFinally, there’s a makeup bag that not only stores and protects your makeup but has pockets made just for your beauty blender, lipstick, and more. In addition to roomy compartments, the Everyday Makeup Bag opens on three sides to easily access and see all of your makeup. No more digging! Our Everyday bag is the perfect addition to your purse or gym bag for your daily essentials. Fabric bags are fully machine washable. Leather bags have a zip-out interior liner that is machine washable. Photo Courtesy of Kusshi available at Kusshi $45 06Chefman Portable Mirrored Personal Mini Skin Care RefrigeratorMAKEOVER YOUR DESK: Compact design is perfect for storing your essentials at home, at work, in a dorm, or even on the go. Three chic color options and the mirrored door add an extra design flair to any space. The mirrored door makes this personal fridge the ideal accessory for your morning routine. STORE COSMETICS BEAUTIFULLY: Extend the shelf life of your favorite skincare serums, cosmetic staples, or fresh face masks by keeping them chilled right on your vanity. Use the heat function to keep moist towels warm for a relaxing experience. Photo Courtesy of Chefman available at $49.99 07Riki Acrylic OrganizerDecorate and organize your beauty products, makeup, and perfumes so that they are all beautifully displayed as part of your vanity. Forget all about looking for your favorite lipstick or eyeshadow during a busy morning – our acrylic organizer will allow you to put your makeup go-to’s on sight, saving you those precious minutes in the morning! Photo Courtesy of Riki available at Riki $50

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