How To Give Your Closet A Spring Refresh

We'll admit that by the time March rolls around, we are so ready for a spring cleaning session and a closet refresh. Our closets are out of order, there are all kinds of different hangers in the mix, and our shelves are stuffed with kitchen utensils and Christmas decor. Not ideal.

Get ready for a new season by cleaning out the dark and musty areas that have gone overlooked the past few months! Start by decluttering everything from your closet, and giving it a good wipe down and vacuum. Then check out our list of ideas below to get you started with your own closet revamp.

Make It Fun

anj organizing her dresser and closet area

Ritual Over Routine

Perhaps the most important part about organizing and cleaning your closet is making it the most fun for you. Play a curated playlist (like this one) that'll boost your mood, or make a game out of cleaning up as much as you can before a timer goes off. Turn on your favorite show for some background noise, and tackle the mess from big (like piles of clothes on the floor) to small (trinkets and jewelry).

Pretty And Personal

Boring closets are sooo last year. Add a picture frame gallery, decorate with books, or add posters of your favorite movies. Make it personal with trinkets and mementos, and display your prettiest pieces to make your closet extra fun. You can also add some LED lights or lamps to help brighten things up.

Clear It Out

Closets might be for clothes, but sometimes they end up housing way more than that. We know how tempting it can be to store old magazines on the shelves and next winter's decor inside the cubes, but that can just make your closet feel claustrophobic. Make it part of your spring cleaning to clear out anything that isn't fashion-related and you'll be breathing easier in no time.

Saving Space

storage cubes and shelves to display clothes

Whether you're using a pre-constructed closet (we're loving the 4-8' Closet System with Laminate Solution and the 69.89" W - 95.44" W Closet System Reach-In Sets) or you're using a bookshelf or garage organizer, an all-in-one closet offers tons of storage without taking up too much floor space.


  • Drawers can organize smaller items that get lost fairly easily. Use cardstock, cardboard, or plastic dividers to let you further organize by color, kind, or size.


  • Whether they're mounted on the wall or they're at the top of the closet, we love how shelves use up vertical space. Add folded clothes to the easy-to-reach shelves and use up the taller ones for storing things you don't need very often.
  • Don't overlook smaller shelves! They might not be able to hold heavy items, but you can display your perfumes, flower vases, or nail polish.


  • Whether you're displaying your favorite pair of shoes or using the canvas bins, these contain your stuff and keep things looking nice. We love using the bins for our sneakers and sandals — that way we can store more than one pair of shoes!


  • Using the same hangers on your rods (hangers that look uniform and are all the same size) means you'll be able to fit more clothes in the same amount of space — and your closet will look much more synchronized!
  • If possible, add a second rod so you can hang pants and shirts together on one side. If that's not something you can swing, consider getting space saving hangers that stack together.

Create A Signature Scent


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In addition to grabbing a bouquet of your favorite flowers, consider this bloom alternative that will stay sweet-smelling, longer. Just get some clothespins and a mason jar and add your favorite essential oil scent (we're big fans of orange or rose).

DIY Essential Oil


  • Dried flowers/herbs
  • Small bottles
  • Grapeseed or almond oil


  1. Gather your materials. You can stick with one scent, or mix and match for a unique essential oil that suits your specific needs.
  2. Break the flowers/herbs you've chosen into pieces that are small enough for the oil to infuse properly.
  3. Fill the bottles with the plants until they're about three-quarters of the way full.
  4. Fill the rest of the bottle with your oil of choice, then add the cap.
  5. Let the oil infuse for two to three weeks to maximize its properties.

Make It Portable

hanging up clothes on a rack

If you're living in a small apartment, you might not have the room for a big closet or a dresser. Buy a clothing rack instead! Bonus points if it has wheels because then you can move it whenever and wherever you need to. Display your favorite pieces and suddenly it's part of your decor.

Doors + Details


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If you're not a fan of your closet's open concept, consider adding your own doors. While the kinds of doors offered may seem less-than-exciting, there are plenty of ways to spruce things up!

For some sophisticated crown molding, plan out where you want your molding to go with painters tape. Measure and cut the wood at 45 degree angles. Attach with double sided mounting tape, paint, and you're done!

A Splash Of Color

a colorful blue closet

One surefire way to update your closet without taking up any extra space at all is to just add some color! Repaint your shelves or your door, add some fun wallpaper, and line the floor with a new rug. Suddenly you have a whole new look!

Pick your favorite color or go for one that's relaxing (like green or blue) so that just looking at your closet will set you at ease.

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