Hyperlite Wakeboards Releases Affordable ‘Elevation’ iSUP for Beginners

Hyperlite Wakeboards seeks to lure more people onto the water with its portable, inflatable SUP design. Available at Costco and Walmart, the SUP is aimed at beginners and recreational paddlers.

One way to grow any sport is to make sure newbies have fun right from the start. With that in mind, Hyperlite created a paddleboard it thinks they will find approachable and affordable.

Known primarily for its wakeboards, Hyperlite made the inflatable Elevation SUP compact enough to fit inside a backpack for carrying and storage. That means no roof rack is required.

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Paddle Easy

Hyperlite gave the Elevation SUP a wider shape for greater stability for beginners while still offering a fun experience for more advanced users. This “Wide-Glide Profile” means there’s only a slight taper from the center of the board toward the nose and tail.

The inflatable board is designed to be packable, which makes it easier to get to the water and inflate it with the included 12V air pump once you’re there. At home, the deflated SUP is compact enough to store in an apartment closet, so there’s no need for a garage.

Hyperlite Elevation Inflatable Standup Paddleboard: $400

Hyperlite Elevation Stand Up Paddleboard

Hyperlite reached for new materials in the construction of this SUP. It has a woven drop-stitch construction assembled with the brand’s “Nano-Fuse” tech for a lighter build, which should translate to more speed on the water. The board itself has dual-layer EVA padding.

Fully inflated, the Elevation weighs 18 pounds. It comes with a backpack for storage or carrying it on long hauls. However, if you’re just going from shore to water, you can use the shoulder strap and attached carry handle.

It uses a quick-release fin system, so no tools are needed. And you can adjust to another fin if desired.

The included 12V electric pump can reach 20 psi, so you can skip the workout of a hand pump. After the fun, the pump can help deflate the Elevation too.

  • Weight limit: 450 lbs.
  • Packed weight: 18 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10’2″ long, 34″ wide, 6″ thick

Want to see the Elevation iSUP on the water? Check it out.

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woman sitting on a Hyperlite SUP with a life jacket on and a woman standing up on her paddle board in the background.

Get Started on the Water

The Hyperlite Elevation iSUP is all about making it easier to get started on your water adventures this summer. The wide shape, packable design, and $400 price point back that up.

If you’ve tried a SUP or kayak but balked at buying one due to a lack of storage space or a roof rack, the Elevation may change your mind.

If you’re intrigued, head on down to your nearest Costco Club or visit Costco.com. It’s also available at Walmart.

Check Price at CostcoCheck Price at Walmart

Hyperlite Elevation Carrying Backpack

This article is sponsored by Hyperlite Wakeboards. Find out more about the Hyperlite Elevation iSUP at Costco.

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