If you are planning a trip to visit Ireland or another beautiful location then there are a lot of different things that you need to consider, including packing the right items to see you through your trip

It can be really tempting to try and take everything you own with you when you go traveling, just in case you might need it. But this will only make your trip away more expensive and complicated. Therefore, you should consider streamlining your belongings and only taking with you the things that you really need. Don’t forget that you may be able to buy some items on your travels. We have put together this guide on five reasons why you should pack light and nimble. 
It’s Easier to Get Around 
Having a big and heavy bag to travel around with can make enjoying your trip a lot more difficult. Most travelers pack their belongings into rucksacks and bags rather than suitcases, as they are a lot easier to carry onto public transport and are easier to carry around with you. Therefore, you should consider the weight of a heavy rucksack, and remember that it needs to be light enough for you to carry around on your back.

If you plan to travel by train, then having a lightweight bag will make your journey easier and safer, as you will be able to keep your bag close to you. Unlike if you have a suitcase with you and you may be forced to leave it unattended in the suitcase storage facilities on the train. 
It’s Cheaper 
If you plan to travel by plane to your destination, then you need to be aware of the airline’s luggage weight restrictions, otherwise, you may find yourself with additional charges to pay at check-in. Going traveling often requires a tight budget, so if you plan to fly with a low-cost airline then you will have to pay more for extra bags or heavy luggage. Often the additional charges are a lot more expensive than the cost of adding extra luggage when you originally booked your ticket, so you should avoid having to pay for extra luggage at all costs. This is another reason why you should only pack what will fit into your rucksack, as it makes traveling by plane a whole lot easier since you can store your bag under the seat in front of you if there is no space in the overhead locker. 
Simplicity Feels Good 
If you are going traveling, then you should focus on exploring the new cultures and traditions of the places that you are going to visit and shouldn’t worry about having enough stuff with you. Traveling light is liberating and by only taking the necessities with you on your trip, you will be able to enjoy your experience more. Traveling is about enjoying the journey from one destination on your trip to the next, but having a heavy bag to carry with you is going to take away your feelings of freedom. You should avoid feeling burdened by carrying all the items that you don’t really need and letting go of all the unnecessary baggage (both physically and mentally) is what traveling is all about.  
You’ll Learn to Shop Smarter 
By traveling light, you will change how you look at your wardrobe and your belongings and will learn that you only need the items that serve you in a positive way. We can all be guilty of buying extra items that we don’t really need, but when you are packing light and nimble, you will learn to choose clothes that match the items you already have, and useful accessories that will make your traveling experience easier. For example, when traveling, you will need to pack suitable items of clothing so if you don’t have what you need already in your wardrobe then you should invest in a pair of the best travel pants you can afford. By being smarter when you shop, you can limit what you pack as the items you do have are more useful and serve you in a positive way throughout your journey. 
You Don’t Need Everything  
While packing often means being worried that you haven’t got everything you need, it is important that you remember that you don’t need to take everything with you. Even if you are on your travels and learn that you have left something at home, you will probably be able to buy it while you are away or borrow it from someone you meet. If you have the essentials that you need to stay safe and look after yourself while you are away, then you already have everything you need. 

Packing light and nimble is a great way to ensure that your trip away is more enjoyable and less stressful, as you won’t have belongings holding you back from enjoying your experience. 

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