If you just bought a travel trailer, you’re probably dreaming of waking up next to a coastline or camping among the crimson hues of the Utah desert

Making blueprints for the next adventure is exciting, but before you hit the road, you’ll need to stock your new travel trailer with all of the essentials to ensure you are prepared for your next big trip. Check out this travel trailer checklist to stay prepared and organized for your next big adventure.
Stay Prepared with this First-Time Travel Trailer Owner Checklist

1. Essentials to Keep Your Travel Trailer Running
While you’ll make a lot of fun purchases for your new travel trailer, a quality travel trailer checklist has to include the items that keep your trailer up and running. The following items are essentials to purchase along with your new travel trailer so that it functions at its best.

A Generator – A generator is an obvious item for this checklist, but you’ll want to buy one that’s high quality and will last. Check out the Champion Generator.

2 and 5/16″ Trailer Ball – Make sure to have the right size trailer ball installed on your vehicle to tow your trailer.

3/4 Drill Socket and Drill – Drills will allow you to easily put up and take down your jack stands.

Water Pressure Regulator – Some RV campgrounds have too strong of water pressure. There are plenty of water pressure regulators out there, but Camco makes a great option.

Water Tank Filler Valve – This valve attaches to the end of a house and the other end goes into the fresh water intake on your trailer. This makes it easy to fill your fresh water tank.

Gas Can – This one may seem obvious, but you might need a new one dedicated to your trailer. A 5-gallon bucket will help you keep your generator running for hours. 2 gallons will typically keep the generator running for 8 hours.

Sewer Hose – Getting rid of the black water in your travel trailer or RV isn’t fun, but if you have to do, you’ll need a quality sewer hose.

Leveling Blocks – When setting up your site at a campground, you’ll want to make sure your travel trailer is level. Leveling blocks help make your experience comfortable and prevents your coffee from sliding off the table.

Drinking Water Hose – You’ll want a fresh water hose to get city water into your trailer or fill the fresh water tank. Make sure your hose is lead free so it’s safe for drinking.
2. Essentials for the Inside of Your Trailer

Once you’ve got some basic equipment to keep your RV up and running, it’s time to fill the interior with must-have items so that living on the road feels as cozy as days at home.

Bed and Bed Sheets – One of the most highly recommended beds in the travel trailer world is the Zinus Deluxe Short Queen Memory Foam. Pair it with a cozy pair of sheets and you are ready for a great night’s sleep in the great American wilderness.

Laundry Hampers – Laundry hampers are a great way to keep laundry organized. You don’t want your dirty clothes floating around the trailer.

Small Vacuum – Although space is limited, you’ll still want to make room for supplies that keep your trailer clean. A handheld vacuum will help you keep tidy and doesn’t take up much space.

Hanging Closet Organizers – Hanging organizers stay out of site, but keep shoes, and other items organized.

Coffee Maker – There are so many high quality coffee makers out there. We recommend the Bialetti pour over – it makes great coffee and doesn’t need electricity.
3. Essentials For The Exterior of Your Trailer

These travel trailer checklist items include accessories for the outside of your travel trailer that can enhance your experience. They may not be entirely essential, but they come highly recommended from seasoned travel trailer owners.

Mat for Outside Steps – You’ll want a doormat to keep outside of your trailer to prevent dirt from coming in.

Hammock – A hammock for reading and resting when at the campsite easily enhances your experience. La Siesta has some fantastic and affordable hammock options.

Portable Propane Fire Pit – Maybe this one isn’t essential, but portable fire pits make for some cozy summer nights under the bright stars, right outside your travel trailer.
4. Technology

Every travel trailer checklist should include some devices that help ensure you are staying on route and staying connected so you can spend your time thinking about the exciting things to come, rather than worrying about getting lost or not being able to get work done on the road.

GPS – Having a GPS frees up your phone and keeps you on route. This Garmin GPS provides warnings about steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits and more.

WiFi Booster – WiFi boosters make your internet connection stronger, which can be especially helpful if you work from your travel trailer.
5. Safety

Safety is a top priority when you’re on the road, especially if you are far away from any town. You’ll want to make sure you have these items to guarantee your safety.

First Aid Kit and Tool Box – Having a first aid kit and tool box will assist you in case of emergencies. If you can’t reach a hospital immediately or your RV is having issues, you’ll want to have a back up plan.

The Dyrt PRO – The Dyrt PRO keeps you safe on the road. Find campgrounds even if you lose service and download maps ahead of time, so you have the info you need when you need it the most. A full year membership is just $29.

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