If you’re looking at adding some tools to your home workshop, it’s important to have all of the essential

s. While cleaning products, home tools and hardware are an absolute must, you might need to invest in some power tools if you’re going to be doing more elaborate DIY projects. One power tool that you’ve absolutely got to have is a miter saw. Once you’ve used a miter saw, you’ll have a good idea of how powerful and efficient these incredible saws are. 

If you’re new to purchasing a miter saw, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve curated a list of some of the best miter saws and miter saw stands to get you started. Before we get there however, we’ll talk a little more about what you should look for in a miter saw and answer some frequently asked questions. 

Our Top Picks
Best Sliding Miter Saw: Sliding Dewalt Compound Miter Saw

This 12” sliding miter saw not only works great, but it’s incredibly powerful and comes with extended durability. 

Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw: Sliding Metabo Compound Miter Saw

This miter saw not only comes with large sliding fences, but also a laser marker system along with a compact slide system. 

Best Compound Miter Saw: Compound Makita Miter Saw

This compound miter saw has a powerful 15amp motor, will make precise miter and bevel cuts, and comes at a portable and compact size for your convenience. 

Best All-Round Miter Saw: Sliding Bosch Glide Miter Saw 

This fantastic miter saw not only comes with an Axial glide system, but it’s also adjustable, precise and easy to use. 

Easiest to Use Miter Saw: Compound Metabo Miter Saw

This compound miter saw not only comes with a laser marker system, but it also has a large pivoting flip fence along with thumb actuated positive stops for quick miter adjustments. 

Our Top Miter Saw Stand Picks 

Best All-Round: TACKLIFE Miter Saw Stand with Durable Frame 

This miter saw stand is not only easy to install, but it also has robust construction, is easy to mount and comes with non-slipping feet. 

Most Portable: Bora Miter Saw Stand

This portable and foldable miter saw stand is not only foldable, but it comes at an ideal working height for your comfort. 

Most Heavy Duty: Dewalt Miter Saw Stand

This heavy-duty miter saw stand is not only incredibly durable, but its aluminium construction also means that it’s relatively lightweight. 

Most Versatile: Bora Portamate Miter Saw Stand Work Station 

This miter saw stand is not only stable, but it comes with an extendable workspace along with handle and wheels for easy mobility. 

Most Compact: Dewalt Table Saw Stand 

This table saw stand is lightweight, made with heavy-duty material and the legs can be collapsed for easy transportation. 

What is a Miter Saw? 

A miter saw is a woodworking tool that’s straightforward in application. Unlike the common circular saw, it can essentially rotate horizontally – allowing you to slice through whatever you need at an angle. This not only helps with pipes for attachment, but you can also use a miter saw for corner parts on floorboards. As a miter saw also uses marked angles, you take comfort in the fact that you’ll be cutting accurately every single time.

How to Choose a Miter Saw? 

There are a couple of things to take into consideration when choosing a miter saw.


There are many different types of miter saws, so you’d need to pick the one that best suits your needs. Below is a brief description of each:

Sliding miter saw – This gives a much greater depth of cut as it comes with rails. With sliding miter saws, you’ll also be able to make a compound cut.

Compound miter saw – These have both a bevel and a miter so you can make bevel cuts. It’s a great feature to have for crown molding or any other trim that you’ll be installing on a wall.

Compound sliding miter saw – As the name suggests, this one comes with rails to allow for cross-cut capacity. Since it’s a compound miter saw, you’ve also got a left bevel for compound cuts.

Dual compound sliding miter saw – You got everything on this miter saw from a miter table to sliding rails and beveling that goes left and right.


Another thing to consider is size. You’ll get the same features no matter the size of your miter saw. Typically, the most popular sizes for a miter saw is either 10” or 12”. While the 10” model can handle most jobs, it won’t give you as good of a range as a 12” saw. Additionally, a 12” saw is also great for jobs where you need to make wider cross cuts or cut taller baseboards.

As a quick note:

1. 12” miter saw – Great if you’re cutting deeper material or if you’re cutting a tall vertical crown. If you’ve got a stand, you’d also want to opt for a 12” miter saw.

2. 10” miter saw – This is great if you’re looking for a miter saw that will get the job done but is also portable.

3. 10” miter saw – If you prize portability more than anything, you’ll go ahead and get a saw that’s smaller than 10”

Corded vs. Cordless

Another consideration is whether you should opt for a corded or cordless miter saw. If you’re looking for something that you can conveniently bring around, it would be a good idea to opt for a cordless miter saw. Not only will it save you energy, but it’ll also save you time. Furthermore, battery-powered miter saws are just as good as those that aren’t battery-powered.

Chop Saw vs. Miter Saw

If you’re considering whether or not you should get a chop saw or a miter saw, here are some reasons why you might consider one over the other.

Miter Saw

A miter saw is typically used for complex cuts and more detailed work. Not only can they make an angled cut, but they’re also incredibly precise and are the best tool to purchase if you’re looking for a professional finish. They’re great at slicing door frames, making closet doors and more. It’s a staple of carpenters and is great if you’re looking to add finer detail to a DIY project.

You’d probably buy a miter saw if you’re:

– Looking for something precise
– Looking for bevel, miter and compound cuts
– Want something that you can bring around with you
– Want something that’s pretty safe to use and also incredibly efficient

Chop Saw

A chop saw on the other hand is great for metal, masonry, wood along with a range of other composite materials. You’ll love this tool if you’re looking for something powerful and precise. If you’d like, you can also customise your chop saw as you can buy different blades for it – just be careful of the blade that you choose. It’s a great tool that can be used to build houses from the ground up.

You’d probably buy a chop saw if you’re:

– Looking for something powerful

– Looking for something that’s larger and cuts through almost everything

– Want something that’s both precise and efficient 

Best Miter Saws and Miter Saw Stands

Below is a list of some of the best miter saws and miter saw stands that we’ve found. 

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Purchase this 12-inch miter saw and you’ll not only get the saw but also a carbide blade and a blade wrench. It also comes with an incredibly efficient dust collection system that will capture over 75% of the dust that might be generated from your DIY projects. Adjustments are also relatively easy with this saw as it comes with a cam lock miter handle. It also has a powerful 3,800 RPM motor that’s suited for a variety of applications and is a great all-round 12” double bevel sliding miter saw to have. 

Metabo HPT 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw

If you’re looking for a sliding compound miter saw, it can’t get any better than this. Not only does it come with a powerful 15 amp motor that’ll tackle all of your DIY jobs, but it also has a compact slide system that’ll eliminate the need for any rear clearance. You’ve also got a saw blade, dust bag, vice assembly and box wrench with your purchase and the large sliding fences will allow you to cut crown molding vertically. It also has a laser market system for cutting accuracy along with a miter anger of zero up to 57 degrees.

Makita 10″ Compound Miter Saw

If you’re looking for a compound miter saw that is packed with power, performance and ease of use, it can’t get any better than this. With this compound miter saw, you’ll be able to do plenty of DIY jobs from deck building to framing and more. It comes with a 15 AMP motor and can deliver precise miter and bevel cuts. It’s also relatively compact and easy to use and comes with a fluorescent light that will help with illuminating the work surface. It’s one of the best compound miter saws out there – especially if you’re looking for something that’s suited for a range of applications.

Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD

This particular miter saw comes with a patented glide system that allows for wider cross cuts along with better alignment. It’s also compact, cuts smoothly and has an expanded cutting capacity. In addition, it’s also easy to make adjustments on this miter saw as it comes with an easy-to-read uniform bevel along with stainless steel miter scales. If you’re looking for precision, this miter saw will also do the trick. 

Metabo HPT 10″ Compound Miter Saw

This compound miter saw comes with a laser marker system for increased cutting accuracy. It also comes with thumb actuated positive stops that’s easy to use for quick miter adjustments. Thanks for the large pivoting flip fence, you’ll also be able to cut crown molding vertically. In addition, holding this miter saw is also comfortable – thanks to the elastomer grip that’s great for both comfort and control. The powerful 15amp motor makes it great for the toughest cutting jobs while the miter and bevel anger range allows for increased flexibility and precision cuts.

Best Miter Saw Stands 
TACKLIFE Miter Saw Stand with Durable Iron Skeleton frame

This miter saw stand can not only be quickly assembled, but you can also fold it without any tools. As it’s relatively light, you’ll be able to carry it around with no issues at all. It also comes with a sturdy iron frame that comes with a rust-resistant coating and can support up to 330 pounds at a time. In addition, it’s easy to mount, and comes with rollers on the stand to help with reducing friction. As the miter saw stand comes with rubber reinforced feet, you won’t have to worry about it slipping while working. It’s a great lightweight and portable miter stand that’s great if you plan on moving it around. 

BORA Portamate PM-4000

If portability matters to you, this miter saw stand will do the trick. It’s made of sturdy tubular steel and has a powder-coated finish. In addition, it can hold up to 500 pounds of weight and comes with folding legs that you can easily fold up and carry around with you. As this saw stands comes with a quick attach saw mount, you can easily mount your saw as well as other tools. In terms of height, this stand is specially set at 36 inches for the perfect ergonomic working height. 

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DEWALT Miter Saw Stand

This heavy-duty miter saw is made of high-quality material and comes with a compact design for easy transport and storage. As it has a 1,000lb capacity, it’s able to handle some of the toughest jobs out there. Construction-wise, it’s crafted from aluminium, and it also comes with sturdy legs that will provide your miter saw with incredible support. A transport latch comes with your purchase to allow pairs of stands to be transported together, and if you’d like you’re also welcome to use your miter saw mounting brackets as a tool stand. 

Bora Portamate – PM-8000 Miter Saw Stand Work Station

This particular miter saw stand is not only incredibly stable, but it also comes with an extendable workspace. In addition, it also has handles and wheels so you can easily move it around from one area to the next. When not used for cutting, you can also flip the saw table area to allow it to become a full table that you can use for a range of other projects. As it’s crafted with durable steel and comes with composite wings, the stand is long-lasting with superior functionality. 

DEWALT Table Saw Stand

This miter saw stand is not only incredibly lightweight, but it also comes with a heavy-duty kickstand that will allow the stand to balance upright. The wide stand base and rear legs will also help to offer additional stability along with support. As the legs can be folded, the stand is also relatively straightforward to transport. It’s a great miter saw if you’re looking for something that’s not heavy but still durable and long-lasting. 


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions we’ve received pertaining to miter saws. 

What Is a Miter Saw Used For?

It’s essentially great for more complex cuts and if you’re looking to do more detailed work such as crown and base moldings or door frames. Not only are miter saws precise, but they’ll also provide you with that professional finish. They’re an all-round great tool to have if you’re looking to add some finer detail to your project. 

What is the Best Miter Saw?

There isn’t really a best miter saw as it depends on what you require. For example, you might need a sliding miter saw or even a compound miter saw depending on your needs. You might also prefer a 10” miter saw rather than a 12” miter saw. As long as the miter saw is able to cater to your needs and will do the job well, it can be considered the best miter saw for you. 

What is the Difference Between a Miter and Chop Saw?

The main difference is that a chop saw cuts 90-degree angles and is much larger and more powerful. It also cannot cut miters. A miter saw on the other hand, cuts angled, beveled along with compound cuts. It can also rotate and even pivot left and right. 

Do You Really Need a Miter Saw?

It really depends as a miter saw is considered a specialized tool – especially since you can make cuts in a variety of angles. If you’re someone that does projects revolving crown molding, door frames and window casings, then you’d definitely want to go ahead and invest in a miter saw as it’ll make your job much quicker. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a simple saw then you’re probably better off purchasing a circular saw.

Circular saws are a critical tool to have for any garage or woodworking shop. Miter saws on the other hand are great if you’re looking for something that’s quick and accurate, or if you want a saw that will efficiently cross-cut small pieces of material.

Bottom Line 

We hope you’ve got a better idea of miter saws and miter stands and have selected one from the products above. If you choose to get a miter saw, make sure that you’re going to be putting it to good use. You can also take the time to figure out which miter saw you’d like to purchase as each of them comes with their own pros and cons. Once you’ve got your miter saw, you can then figure out a miter saw stand to go along with it. With that, you’ll have everything you need for your next DIY project. 

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