Make Mom’s Day with 32 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

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Do you know what Sunday, May 9 is? If you said no, then it’s time for you to start Mother’s Day gift shopping STAT. Don’t wait until the last minute to start looking for the perfect present for Mom. In fact, it’s never too early to start shopping for the best gifts for Mom, ensuring you’ll get her the Mother’s Day gift she deserves. (It’s also not too early to start brainstorming breakfast in bed ideas for her special brunch.)

Of course, your mom will always love getting flowers or a plush new robe for Mother’s Day. But, sometimes it’s nice to throw a curveball into the mix. This year, instead of settling for another box of chocolates or more bath salts, find unique Mother’s Day gifts to truly surprise your mom and give her something special, something she’s likely never seen before. 

From personalized family portraits and adorable jewelry holders to smartphone-charging planters and long-distance lamps, there are plenty of inspiring options located outside of the traditional Mother’s Day gifts category. Not only do these unique gifts ensure your mom is surprised when she opens her present, but they also show that you’ve taken the time to pick or create a gift that is specific to her, instead of grabbing the first thing you find at the gas station.

Take a look through the best Mother’s Day gifts below and find the right one for your mom. Whether she loves doing puzzles, creating food or relaxing in her very own backyard oasis, we’ve got unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for every mom.


1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

If your mom is a regular hair dryer (every day, or for special occasions) the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is definitely on her list of splurge dream gifts she’s hoping to get for herself or from someone else. This thing dries like no other, and uses Dyson’s intelligent heat control technology to reduce frizz and damage while drying hair in record time. It comes with five different styling attachments for different hair types, and the powerful V9 motor uses air multiplication to dry your hair efficiently. If this gift feels a tad too expensive, you can also check out our favorite Dyson Supersonic dryer alternatives.

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Buy: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer $399.99


2. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette

You simply can’t go wrong with a pretty perfume and this fragrance from Chanel is floral and fruity, and comes from the classic luxe brand your mom probably already loves. The scent has key notes of jasmine, teakwood and citron, and the gorgeous pink bottle will look beautiful on her bathroom counter, and she’ll think of you every time she uses it.

chanel chance eau tendre, unique gifts for mom

Buy: Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette $72.00


3. Piecework Puzzles

We love Piecework Puzzles here at Spy, and we think they make for some of the best unique Mother’s Day gifts of 2022, since they’re beautiful and more elaborate than your average puzzle. Piecework makes truly gorgeous works of art that just happen to come in puzzle form. The company’s 500-piece puzzles can be completed in a day or two, but the 1,000-piece puzzles are perfect for more experienced puzzlers who want a challenge. Head to the company’s website to see the full selection, or shop our favorite puzzle below.

piecework puzzles review, best mother's day gifts

Buy: Piecework Puzzles 'Meta' Puzzle $36.00


4. Celestial Journal Diary

Let your mom escape from the world for a little bit, and tend to her thoughts with this beautiful celestial journal. The cover design is gold-tooled and ethereal, with gold foil treatments that light it up with suns, planets and stars. It has 160 lightly-lined pages for writing, drawing, doodling or brainstorming, and the high-quality binding makes it durable enough for her to carry from place to place.

celestial journal diary, unique gifts for mom

Buy: Celestial Journal Diary $11.69 (orig. $12.99) 10% OFF


5. Berry Buddy

Talk about a berry good unique Mother’s Day gift. Pretty and practical, this striking stoneware bowl is a strainer and fruit bowl in one. It has a built-in drip catcher and spout, making it easy to rinse fruit and clean the bowl itself. Since it’s handmade in Pennsylvania, each bowl is one of a kind.

Berry Buddy

Buy: Berry Buddy $48.00


6. Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase

The present of beauty sleep is an unbeatable one when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts! Slip’s silk pillowcases are what dreams are made of. Since they reduce friction, they’ll keep her hair healthy and bedhead will be a thing of the past. They also have anti-aging powers, since they reduce the pressure on skin, hence preventing fine lines and wrinkles. To make them easy to care for, Slip silk pillowcases are machine washable.

slip silk pillowcase, unique gifts for mom


Buy: Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase $82.50 (orig. $89.00) 7% OFF


7. Personalized Family Print

Who needs a steel baron-esque, larger than life-sized oil painting of their family when you can get this charming portrait instead? For $75 to $100, artists Mary and Shelly Klein personalize between two to four people on archival enhanced matte paper. Select skin tones, hair and clothing color that matches your clan, then add your family name and the year you were established to make a print that’s entirely your own. It comes framed in black BonanzaWood and hanging hardware is included so you can help mom find the perfect spot for it right away.

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Personalized Family Print, unique gifts for mom

Buy: Personalized Family Print $75-150


8. Mom’s Little Vase

The name alone proves this is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts, and a unique Mother’s Day gift at that. Bud vases are always charming and this colorful one is especially so. Meant to hold petite clusters of wildflowers or a single bloom, it’s a great way for mom to display flowers from her garden. Pick up a pretty flower to add when you gift it to her on her special day. The vase is handmade in Rhode Island, making each one unique.

Mom's Little Vase

Buy: Mom's Little Vase $20.00


9. Sephora Favorites Hello! Greatest Hits Gift Set

If your mom loves Sephora, this Greatest Hits collection gift set is a great option. It includes samples from Sephora’s top skincare, hair-care and fragrance brands, as well as vouchers for discounts on future full purchases so she can splurge on whatever she likes. She’ll love the bold, fun colors Sephora is known for, and the joy of trying a bunch of new beauty products will definitely make her feel celebrated.

Sephora greatest hits gift set, unique gifts for mom

Buy: Sephora Favorites Hello! Greatest Hits Gift Set $8.00


10. Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

Let mom show off her green thumb with this Sunflower Garden Grow Kit. It comes with everything she needs to grow her own sunflower patch, including seeds for six heirloom sunflowers in a range of colors, shapes and heights, as well as a recycled egg carton to sprout them in. Mom won’t believe how quickly and tall they’ll grow — one type, the Classic Mammoth, can reach nine to 12 feet, with huge blossoms.

Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

Buy: Sunflower Garden Grow Kit $12.00


11. Birth Month Flower Scarf

This floral print scarf is more than meets the eye. Get the one for Mom’s birth month as her Mother’s Day gift, since each birth month flower has certain attributions. For example, February is violet, symbolizing loyalty and faithfulness; May is lily of the valley for sweetness and humility; and August is Poppy for pleasure and success. The flowers are watercolors by artist Juliet Meeks and the scarves are made in India.

Birth Month Flower Scarf

Buy: Birth Month Flower Scarf $48.00


12. Overland Single-Pelt (2′ x 3.5′) Premium Australian Sheepskin Rug

Let Mom wake up in luxury with Overland’s Premium Australian Sheepskin Rug that feels as plush and cushiony as it looks. She can place it on the floor right next to her bed so that it’s the first thing she sinks her toes into every morning. Made from long wool in a natural shape, the versatile rug also looks right at home next to a fireplace or draped over a chair or couch. No matter where she parks it, it will add a soft, special touch to any space.

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Overland Single-Pelt (2' x 3.5') Premium Australian Sheepskin Rug, best mother's day gifts

Buy: Overland Single-Pelt (2' x 3.5') Premium Australian Sheepskin Rug $89.00


13. Lele Sadoughi Iris Slim Bow Tie Knotted Headband

For a unique Mother’s Day gift, an accessory from Lele Sadoughi is a great option. This designer has become super famous for her delightful prints and beautiful headbands. This one has an iris checkered print that’s perfect for spring, and accented with a bow.

iris slim bow headband, unique gifts for mom

Buy: Lele Sadoughi Iris Slim Bow Tie Knotted Headband $65.00


14. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Aromatherapy is the gift that keeps on giving, making the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Quite the statement piece, the diffuser is made from high-quality porcelain with a matte ceramic cover — choose from black, gray, terracotta or white. The striking diffuser makes a statement all on its own while scenting your home. Simply fill it with water, add a few drops of a favorite pure essential oil and select the time setting.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, best mother's day gifts

Buy: Vitruvi Stone Diffuser $119.00


15. Kate Spade New York Women’s Kiya Square Sunglasses

You simply can’t go wrong with a new pair of sunnies, especially when they’re this classic and by Kate Spade. Between the tortoiseshell and the square shape, these will never go out of style, so Mom can wear them forever. To keep her peepers safe, they have a UV protection coating. Her Mother’s Day is looking bright this year!

Kate Spade New York Women's Kiya Square Sunglasses, best mother's day gifts

Buy: Kate Spade New York Women's Kiya Square Sunglasses $72.80


16. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist

Instead of perfume, opt for a body fragrance mist for a Mother’s Day gift. The lighter alternative is incredibly versatile — Mom can use it all over her body, as well as on her hair and clothes. Essentially a vacation in a bottle, the fragrance was inspired by the scent of Sol de Janeiro’s best-selling Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. The addicting blend includes notes of vanilla, pistachio, salted caramel, heliotrope, jasmine petals, almond and sandalwood.

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist

Buy: Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist $35.00


17. HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin 4 Wick Candle Spun Vanilla Sugar

Sometimes a candle smells amazing — until you light it and then the scent all but disappears. That won’t happen with this luxe option by HomeWorx. The brand is known for creating candles with impressive throw that spread the scent throughout your home, just like this four-wick candle will. Mom will love the Spun Vanilla Sugar scent, with notes of spun sugar, whipped cream, sugared lemon and vanilla. Thanks to the burning time of 30 to 55 hours, she’ll be able to take a whiff for quite a while.

HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin 4 Wick Candle Spun Vanilla Sugar

Buy: HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin 4 Wick Candle Spun Vanilla Sugar $48.99


18. Olive and June Polish Mani System

Olive and June is looking to switch up the nail painting game, and make it easier than ever to get salon-quality nails done at home! This nail polish mani system comes with all the tools you need — a clipper, file and buffer, as well as a polish, a clean-up brush, a variety of colors and top coat. Your mom will love all the money she’ll save painting her own nails, and can order other color kits so she can switch out her look anytime depending on her mood.

Olive & June mani system, unique gifts for mom

Buy: Olive and June Polish Mani System Starting at $85.00


19. Flower Hummingbird Feeder

If Mom loves spending time in her garden, then this is the Mother’s Day gift for her. These delicate hummingbird feeders will have Mom’s attention and attract all the hummingbirds, too. Handmade in Mexico by an artisan, they are made from pliable metal from guava juice tins and transformed into dainty daisy petals in a range of colors and prints. In the middle is a recycled glass well that holds the flower’s nectar reserve.

Flower Hummingbird Feeder Buy: Flower Hummingbird Feeder $34.00

20. Radiate Portable Campfire

If your mom loves s’mores — and who doesn’t? — then she’ll love this portable campfire, one of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas for the social distancing era. For mothers who aren’t into weekends in the wild, it works just as well in the backyard as a campsite or beach. Unlike a traditional campfire, you don’t have to worry about putting out the fire, smelly smoke, or keeping that flame going. Simply light this on-the-go fire pit with a match or lighter for a fire that will burn from three to five hours. Bonus: It’s better for the planet since it’s made from recycled soy wax and paper.

Radiate Portable Campfire Buy: Radiate Portable Campfire $23.79 (orig. $29.99) 21% OFF

21. A Snarky Adult Colouring Book

If your mom is known for her lovable sass, get her this hilarious Snarky Adult Colouring Book. It features a ton of snarky one-liners like, “I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong,” and “Sorry not sorry.” Your mom can sit back, color and have a laugh.

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Adult Coloring Book

Buy: Snarky Adult Coloring Book $5.99


22. Umbra Anigram Bunny Ring Holder

Ring holders make good gifts because people don’t always think to buy them, but always love using them. Get one for ma to put in her closet, or by her sink to use when she washes her hands or does dishes. And, if bunnies aren’t her animal of choice, the ring holder comes in other animal shapes, including a unicorn, elephant and giraffe.

bunny umbra ring holder, unique gifts for mom

Buy: Umbra Anigram Cat Ring Holder $11.55


23. Bando Women’s Watermelon Cooler Bag

This colorful watermelon cooler bag is perfect gift for your mom if she enjoys picnics or trips to the beach during the summer. It’s bright, bold and definitely a unique gift for your mom to celebrate her. It’s one of the only cooler bags that actually looks cool (pun intended) and keeps your food and drink cool, too. Furthermore, the matte leatherette material is also water-resistant, meaning it’s as practical as it is stylish.

watermelon chill bag, unique gifts for mom

Buy: Bando Watermelon Cooler Bag $32.95


24. Blooming Lollipops

Satisfy her sweet tooth with these almost too pretty to eat handmade lollipops. But these are no ordinary lollipops — all of the eight botanical flavors come on seed-filled sticks, so mom can plant them once she’s done with her treat and grow an herb or flower. The set includes one of each flavor and seed combo: Sage & Marshmallow (grow sage), Lavender & Lemongrass (grow lavender), Peach & Marigold (grow marigold), Strawberry & Basil (grow basil), Champagne & Roses (grow rosetta cosmo), Rosemary & Mint (grow mint), Lemon & Thyme (grow thyme) and Vanilla & Hibiscus (grow baby blue eyes).

unique mother's day gifts, Blooming Lollipops

Buy: Blooming Lollipops $20.00


25. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Take the standard bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day and make it a lot more unique with this fun twist. Just like a gemstone, everyone has a birth month flower, and there’s meaning behind them as well. Select your mom’s according to her birthday month and gift her this kit that contains seeds, a glass growing bottle, a soil-alternative to grow them in, instructions, and the explanation of what her flowers symbolize.

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit, unique mother's day gifts

Buy: Birth Month Flower Grow Kit $34.00


26. Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder 

If Mom loves to unwind with a bath, this will take her routine up a notch! To up the relaxation vibes, the wine holder is adorned with stones that were hand-picked from the beach. Suction cups allow it to easily stick to the bathroom wall. And to ensure the only thing that gets into her bath is bubbles, it comes with a BPA-free plastic wine glass so there’s no need to worry about broken glass.

best mother's day gifts Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder 

Buy: Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder $38.00


27. DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit

If you have a creative mom who enjoys a splash of the good stuff from time to time, why not give her this DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit? For the mom that loves crafts as much as she loves her afternoon rose, this is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts of 2021, full stop. This unique gift idea includes all the tools you need to turn plain and boring gin into your very own flavor creation. The 12 exotic botanicals, which include juniper berries, pink pepper and lavender, act as the starting blocks for creating a completely unique gin (or vodka) flavor. Simply add your base alcohol and get inspired by the preselected recipe suggestions.

unique mother’s day gifts do your gin diy infusion kit

Buy: DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit $59.90 (orig. $64.99) 8% OFF


28. Smartphone Valet & Planter

Is your mom always misplacing her phone charger? Then, this is the gift for her, since this charging station is impossible to miss. This Smartphone Valet & Planter does a lot more than charge her cell; it also has space for a medium-sized plant. The modular dock is handmade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from earthenware clay with a clear gloss speckle glaze. Its compact size is ideal for bedside tables, kitchen shelves and office desks.

unique mother’s day gifts stak foster phone planter dock

Buy: Smartphone Valet & Planter $38.00


29. Personalized Family Recipe Board

Whether mom has a family recipe that has been passed down for generations or her go-to came from the back of a box, you can memorialize it with this cherry wood cutting board. It’ll last a lot longer than a recipe card and be a standout on the kitchen counter. All you have to do is submit a scanned image of her recipe cad and the ingredients and instructions for her go-to dish will be etched in her handwriting.

mother's day gifts - Personalized Family Recipe Board

Buy: Personalized Family Recipe Board $100.00


30. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

If you don’t live close to your mom, it can be hard to let her know how often you think of her. At least that was true until the long-distance lamp was invented. Add one of these Long Distance Friendship Lamps to your home and your mom’s home, and she’ll always know when she’s on your mind, or visa versa. Simply tap the top of the lamp in your home, and the paired lamp, no matter how many miles away, will light up accordingly. Please note that the lamps do require a local wifi connection.

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unique mother’s day gifts long distance friendship lamp

Buy: Long Distance Friendship Lamp $198.00


31. Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

The Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set may be a step up in price, but imagine the look on your mom’s face when she unpacks her very own backyard oasis. This spa is ideal for chilling out, whether that means Mother’s Day mimosas or relaxing with a book. The inflatable tub can hold up to 210 gallons of water and has enough space for up to four people. It includes a built-in water system that manages water for a more soothing and gentler spa experience. Furthermore, the kit comes with an insulated cover and a lock to minimize heat loss and keep your spa safe when it’s not in use.

unique mother’s day gifts intex purespa portable spa

Buy: Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set $1,049.00


32. EAQ Personalized Puzzle Custom Puzzle

If your mom loves puzzles and loves you, why not kill two birds with one stone and get her a gift to fulfill both loves? By putting her favorite picture of you or this year’s family portrait onto a puzzle, she’ll get the entertainment putting the puzzle together and a beautiful resulting keepsake. For even more mystery, give her the puzzle without telling her what’s printed on it and let her figure it out for herself. Choose from 300, 500, 520 or 1000 pieces of puzzles, depending on how busy you want to keep her.

EAQ Personalized Puzzle Custom Puzzle, best mother's day gifts Buy: EAQ Personalized Puzzle Custom Puzzle $21.69

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