Multi-Layer Portable Luggage Organizer

Vendor: MaviGadget
Price: 59.95

THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL ORGANIZER FOR PEOPLE ON THE GO. Whether traveling for work or fun, time is important. Don't waste time unpacking, just hang in a closet and instantly access your clothes or outfits

The best travel organizer on the journey. Whether it's work or travel for entertainment, time is important. Don't waste time unpacking, just hang it in the closet and you can use the clothes or suit immediately.
Save baggage fees. If you are having difficulty packing with a carrying bag and have to pay for checked baggage, it can help you pack all the items you need in a smaller box to save money and waiting time.
Reduce wrinkles and maintain their best condition. The busy travel schedule will not leave time for ironing. You can compress your clothes and make them flat and fixed in the bag without stacking up.
Separate compartments can store dirty clothes. When returning from a trip, please keep your clothes away from clean clothes and avoid washing excess clothes. The zippered storage area protects unworn clothes.
Save 30% of storage space in any suitcase of 20 inches or larger.
Size: as shown
color: black
Open the size: 47 x30x45cm

Package Included:
1x Three-Layer Travel Storage Bag, Multi-Function Folding Luggage, Underwear Storage