Tablewar F.A.T Mats for Role-playing and War-gaming

Tablewar adds explosive fun to your games!

Tablewar offers gamers great accessories to make playing more immersive as well as easy and portable!

All hardcore gamers crave better immersion in their campaigns, battles, and games. When you think of the birth of TSR and Dungeons and Dragons, the late great Gary Gygax built a huge gaming table in his own basement out of wood and a mountain of sand that he would re-configure so that he and the early fathers of modern roleplaying could have a malleable world to work with and they could depict what was happening in their mental theatre.

The first and persistent issue with doing it the Gygax way, however, that is one cannot simply lift a 200lb gaming table outfitted with sand and terrain and take it to their friends’ house for a skirmish or campaign.

Gamers who want to see a full-color 3D battlefield were tethered to a local gaming store or a friend’s basement.

This is where Tablewar comes into play.

Tablewar offers incredibly detailed gaming surfaces that roll up into a portable and comfortable carrying case that you can take anywhere.

So what exactly are these M.A.T.s you might ask?

For years, many gamers have used foldable mats made from paper or thin pieces of vinyl. They were minimal and the durability was poor. A glass or can of soda tipped over could put a quick end to your favorite terrain map or even your campaign itself.

Like many of you, I have tried every type of surface from paper to felt, canvas and everything in-between so when I tell you that Tablewar’s selection of F.A.T, Macro, and Geo mats are the best I have ever used.

I threw some terrain and minis on my table to show you how much texture and detail the Ruined City F.A.T Mat ads instantly while adding protection to the table and a soft surface for your minis. The best thing is that when I am done the terrain goes into storage bins and the M.A.T Rolls up.The F.A.T mats are made from thick neoprene rubber which can take an absolute beating. Neoprene also has the advantage of being wrinkle-free and spill-resistant. F.A.T mats are also great for making dice rolling quiet and manageable.

The F.A.T. Mat comes in 6×4′, 6×3′, 70×30”, 4×4′, 4×3′, 3×3′, 30×32″ & 30×30″ sizes giving players a great range of size options. Variety does not just stop at size with Tablewar, offering over 100 different designs.

An Ocean of Variety

I wanted to get a taste for some very basic options that Tablewar had to often that would be versatile enough to handle both Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons type games (There is a countless list of games I can list here so I am using the two most popular as placeholders for whatever you may play).

With that being said the Three designs I had chosen were:

Cave Floor 4×4 $60.00

Limitless possibilities with this 4×4 Cave Floor Mat
Cave Floor makes a perfect backdrop for Dungeon Delving and Desert Warfare

Ruined City 6×4 $75.00

Endless battles can be fought in this Ruined City
My Forces of Nurgle (Not yet finished painting) Marching across the Ruined City F.A.T Mat

And Grassy Plains 6×4 $75.00

Lastly, if you are in need of a grid for your game, Tablewar offers Geo Mats to cover your mat with the necessary pattern. G.E.O Mats also offers great protection to your favorite older mats and maps.

You can choose either a black or white grid or hex.

G. E. O. Mats add grids, hexes, and protection to your favorite maps

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

So some of you may have looked at the above pics and thought these mats may be a little pricey but the rest of you who have tried to make your own dedicated gaming table know that what Tablewar has to offer are a tremendous value and an incredible time saver. A standard 4×8 piece of plywood at Lowes is 25$ and that is not painted or textured or very portable for that matter. I insist that the true value is not only in the durability of F.A.T mats but the portability. You can keep an entire planet of possibilities (Universe if you count the stellar designs) in a small closet or tucked under your bed. The travel bags are made of sturdy nylon and come with these great tags so that you can identify the mat without having to take it out and unroll it.

F.A.T Mats come rolled in a great nylon bag with an easy to identify tag

If you are a serious tabletop gamer F.A.T Mats, as well as Geo Mats and Macro Mats by Tablewar, are something you must seriously consider. Many of you may already own one and perhaps may be looking to add a few more to add some variety to that weeknight gaming session. I could not be possibly happier with mine and am already planning what my next few F.A.T Mats will be.

Disclaimer: Samples of F.A.T Mats and Geo Mats were Made available by Tablewar

The opinions in this article are my own and not that of the manufacturer or the editorial board

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