The 8 Best, Buzziest Sex Toys We Couldn’t Stop Raving About in 2022

In case you missed it, our Wellness Trends predictions for the new year launched recently. A culmination of expert interviews, qualitative research, and market analyses, our predictions provide a glimpse into what 2023 might have in store for us in regard to beauty, fitness, food, and health. When it comes to sexual wellness, the future is clear: Destigmatizing pleasure is in. Previously shrouded in mystery, shame, and taboo, sex toys have *officially* gone mainstream as tools for sexual health and fulfillment.

“Gone are the days where we’re going to see more products in pink and blue, for women or men,” Bloomi CEO Rebecca Alvarez Story previously told Well+Good. “The whole concept of full-body pleasure is something that more big box retailers will lean into as well.”

Before diving into the new year (and all of the groundbreaking adult toys it’s bound to reveal) , take a walk down memory lane with us as we look back on the best sex toys of 2022. Amongst a sea of different vibrators, suckers, and thrusters, these 8 adult goodies rose above the competition– and took our climaxes to new heights.

8 best sex toys we couldn’t get enough of in 2022

1. Magic Wand Mini

A mini version of the iconic Magic Wand massager debuted this year, and naturally, we couldn’t keep our hands off of it. The Magic Wand, formerly known as the Hitatchi Wand, is world famous for its large, bulbous head and deep rumbling vibrations. Unlike its bigger, older sibling, the Magic Wand Mini is completely portable and wire-free, making it a great travel companion.

Well+Good reporter Gabrielle Kassel sang the Magic Wand Mini’s praises in her June product review. Despite a slight decrease in vibration power (6,300 RPM vs. 6,000 RPM), Kassel says that the Mini helped her achieve a faster “O” than the original Magic Wand. “Small, high-intensity, and outfitted with intuitive buttons, this vibrator has many of the features I look for in a wand vibrator,” says Kassel.

2. WeVibe Chorus

Whether you’re indulging in ‘me time’ or playing with a partner, the WeVibe Chorus aims to please. The Chorus is a hands-free, multi-use vibrating toy that can be used as a clitoral massager, a stroker, or a G-spot stimulator.

This toy is a great companion for couples, as it can be worn inside the vagina during intercourse, heightening sensations for both partners. It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and can be controlled via app or remote, allowing for discreet, sneaky fun.

3. Ohnut Vibrating Ring

The revolutionary Ohnut Vibrating Ring is both a toe-curling sex toy AND a comfort aid. This soft, stretchy vibrating ring can be stacked with Ohnut Buffer Rings to provide a soft cushion between the vaginal opening and sizable penises or toys. The buffer lets users decide just how deep they’d like to be penetrated, while the rumbly vibrator adds direct clitoral stimulation.

This handy device further proved to us that there’s nothing sexier than comfort.

4. Womanizer Starlet 2

For those uninitiated, the famous and top-rated Womanizer uses short bursts of air to tease the clitoris rather than vibrations, resulting in super-powerful orgasms. The Womanizer Starlet 2 is the latest-and-greatest iteration of the Womanizer Starlet, the petite version of the OG Womanizer. Its soft silicone head perfectly wraps around the clitoris, providing direct stimulation to its 8,000 nerve endings.

There’s a reason why this toy made our list of editor-approved sleep products; one earth-shattering orgasm with the Womanizer Starlet 2, and it’s lights out.

5. Lelo Dot

The beautiful Lelo Dot is part modern art sculpture, part multifunction luxury vibrator. It’s as innovative as it looks: the wavy teardrop shape allows you to precisely pinpoint small, specific areas of your anatomy (around the clitoris or along the frenulum, for example). The inch-thick hole at its center acts as a handle, allowing you to grip and grind to your preferences.

Kassel reports that its sharp tip can simulate the tongue-flicking sensations of oral play when handled correctly (yum!).

6. JimmyJane Ascend 3

A sharp deviation from the art-like shape of Lelo Dot is the JimmyJane Ascend 3. This 7-mode handheld vibrator proves that when it comes to shape, sometimes simplicity is the spice of life. Its thin, flexible oval shape expertly fits to the contours of the body (think: all-over vulva action or buzzy stroking agent). It’s completely waterproof and comes with a remote, perfect for couples who want to kick things up a notch.

7. Lovers Anal Plug Training Set

Regardless of your experience level in the—*ahem*—posterior department, the Lovers Anal Plug Training Set has something for everyone. At $39, this trio of smooth silicone plugs is by far the best bang (sorry) for your buck when it comes to anal toys. Their wide flare bases offer comfort and safety while their flexible necks make inserting and removal a breeze.

Whether you’re an anal newbie or a seasoned pro, this set belongs in your goodie drawer (or closet, if you’re lucky).

8. Zalo Rose Rabbit Vibrator

No need to choose between external and internal stimulation; the Zalo Rose Rabbit Vibrator is the best of both worlds. This waterproof rabbit-style vibrator expertly targets the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. The curved shaft vibrates with deep, powerful rumbles, while the top targets the clitoris with sucking patterns.

Bonus: its rose-shaped handle and gold accents are simply gorgeous.