The Best Sex Furniture for Achieving That New Position Without Pulling Something

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There will likely come a time in life when the bed, the kitchen counter and the shower just don’t capture the same sexual excitement they used to. That’s nothing to feel uneasy about, as familiarity and repetition have their limits. Where some people feel despair, others, including the editors here at SPY, see an opportunity. Clearly, the best way to spice up a sex life that’s become too predictable is to add some of the best sex furniture.

The best sex furniture ranges from small pillows to complete couches, with one major aim in mind — delivering the support needed for better sexual experiences for a healthier sex life. There are instances where it’s not possible to hold a partner up for long enough to make a position enjoyable or times when a flat, regular bed just won’t suffice. That’s where the best sex furniture comes in. It’s the missing link, and often an inspiration to, positions and experiences that may have previously only been fantasies.

Sexologist and Lovers in-house “sexpert” Marla Renee Stewart shares, “The purpose of sex furniture is twofold: 1) to offer something different to have sex on that is not a bed, but just as comfortable, and 2) to blend in with the rest of your furniture so that people don’t realize that it is sex furniture.”

“Not only can it help people spice up their sex life, it allows them the opportunity to have space to think about doing something different and invoke creativity. Sex furniture can be everything from wedge pillows to benches to curving chairs and you can use them all while being with a lover or by being solo,” said Stewart.

When it comes to choosing the right sex furniture, factors like desire and personal preference are key. What’s great is just the act of reading about each piece will likely stir some inspiration for how to integrate it into current sexual exploits. Sex furniture options include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Sex Swings
  • Chairs/Stools/Chaises
  • Pillows/Wedges/Ramps
  • Cushions
  • Cages
  • Sex Machines
  • Sex Toy Holders/Mounts
  • Full-Size and Modular Couches
  • Sex Blankets/Mats

What The Experts Say

Edgar Mogilnickij, designer and owner of sex furniture brand BDSM Architecture, notes “Sex furniture helps with various positions which could be difficult to maintain just in a bed. For example, tantric sofa curves could help with better hip angles, while a bench could help you stay comfortably on all fours for a prolonged time. Some furniture can even immobilize a partner in certain positions, adding a little kink to their sex life.”

Like many of the pieces he designs, it’s not immediately obvious that this furniture is built for sex, making it a discreetly kinky addition to any home.

“Many of the pieces of furniture or accessories are multi-use and can be used in multiple ways. After all, what could be better than a kinky multi-functional piece of furniture that would last for years and look great in your home?”

When building his pieces, Mogilnickij considers several factors, including comfort, safety, functionality, and aesthetics. He also prioritizes materials that are pleasant to the touch and easy to clean, recommending that buyers opt for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Furniture

What is sex furniture?

While there are plenty of sex toys that can enhance pleasure in the bedroom. Sex furniture takes things to a whole new level. These large props can act as furniture to elevate a sexual experience. The best sex furniture can make positions more comfortable or fulfill a sexual fantasy, as well as help with endurance or make certain movements possible that were previously inaccessible.

Will sex furniture take up floor space?

Yes, it’s furniture so it’s bound to take up some space, but many pieces are oddly shaped, flexible in texture and can be used in many ways. While there are more luxurious options like chaises, sex machines and free-standing swings, many accessories can be stored in a closet, under the bed or used as an ottoman. Just make sure to clean it between uses, and maybe keep its other use under wraps.

What problems can sex furniture help with?

There doesn’t need to be a problem to indulge in some sex furniture, but it can certainly open up a lot of doors between partners. Sex furniture is perfect for women who experience pain during sex or have difficulty orgasming. Since many pieces of erotic furniture change the angle of penetration, it can provide a more comfortable experience for many and help with mobility issues.

Where can I buy sex furniture?

Most sex toy retailers like Lovers, Lovehoney, Babeland, Adam & Eve and more sell sex furniture next to the vibrators and plugs. Liberator is a brand that specifically designs sleek and sexy furniture for erotic purposes. To ensure the proper dimensions or feel, checking out a local sex store might be a good idea. Custom furniture can be bought from websites like Etsy.

How expensive is sex furniture?

There’s an option for every budget, with options starting at less than $20.00. While the larger pieces of furniture will be more costly, there are many creative options on the market right now. This includes ramps, cushions, door swings and cheap inflatable models that are perfect for beginners.

Can’t you stick a pillow under your butt?

Sex furniture has come a long way since then. There are so many more versatile options for all budgets, preferences and lifestyles. Why waste time with an old, flattened-out pillow when there are so many other mind-blowing (and more effective) options?

Liberator Sex Chaise


Liberator Esse Chaise

The Liberator Esse Chaise is an elegant addition to any home. It was designed with Kama Sutra-inspired positions in mind. The unique shape allows users to effortlessly move through various positions while remaining comfortable, stable and mobile. This ergonomically-designed chaise is also made in the USA, includes a removable, washable cover and comes in nine different colors, ensuring there’s one to match any home decor. Furthermore, it’s supplied with a removable headrest and sports a moisture-proof inner layer to prevent any liquids from getting too far into the core of the piece.

NaEnson Sex Toys Wedge Pillow


NaEnson Sex Toys Wedge Pillow

Unbelievably, this piece of sex furniture that’s massively popular with users costs just over $15? Well, it’s true. The NaEnson Sex Toys Wedge Pillow is an easy and budget-friendly way to spice things up in the bedroom. The portable and easy-to-store design includes a double valve and sports a soft surface on the main faces for greater comfort during use. Plus, while it’s simple in design, this home sex furniture addition makes changing up positions easy, removing potential lifting issues and allowing users to indulge in some arrangements which just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Dark Magic Position Pillow with Cuffs


Dark Magic Position Pillow With Cuffs

Get kinky in comfort with the Dark Magic Position Pillow, complete with detachable sex handcuffs. Most of the affordable inflatable wedges out there are upholstered, which can get dirty quickly. Instead, opt for this handsome leather alternative, which is much easier to wipe down. Complete with cuffs and a rounded pillow at the bottom of the wedge, this multifunctional wedge is durable enough to support the weight of two vigorously moving people. From spanking to deeper penetration, the possibilities are endless.

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair


Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

This chair with a 330 lb capacity might look no-frills in terms of design, but it’s the best sex furniture for those looking to tuck something under the bed. Lovehoney sex educator Javay Frye-Nekrasova shares, “This chair is great for added stability during sex, with a partner, or alone. You can use it to make being on top easier. If your partner needs to be raised higher, put a sex position wedge underneath them. If you are using the chair alone, you can put a suction dildo on the ground and bounce on top of it with the support of the chair.” With a quadruple-layered elastic, the surface is extra bouncy, relieving fatigued thighs and reducing muscle strain.

Liberator Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo


Liberator Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo

A kinky twist on Liberator’s regular wedge and ramp combo, this one comes with high-quality restraints and a blindfold. If BDSM isn’t in the repertoire but switching up positions while giving tired hips and back a break is, this set is a great way to do so. Customers report that the velvet feel is comfortable against bare skin. A great accessory set to help make bondage experiences comfier and more exhilarating.

The Best Sex Furniture for More Comfortable Sexual Experiences in 2023


Dame Pillo

This alternative to foam wedges from Dame is truly firm, almost to a fault, but it definitely won’t cause any sinking, offering great lower back support. It also feels great on sensitive skin thanks to a 100% cotton outer shell that’s machine washable. With a discreet look that’ll fit in with other pillows on the bed, it can provide some seriously mind-blowing sensations once that “just-right” angle is discovered.

The Best Sex Furniture for More Comfortable Sexual Experiences in 2023


Wanda Magic Wand Toy Mount

This toy mount makes a great gift or couples toy for any fans of the Magic Wand. It provides stimulating vibes on one end and acts as a position enhancer like the Liberator wedge included in this list. With tons of position and penetration possibilities, nobody will get tired of this unique accessory anytime soon. It even features a window to access the control panel so that users can change speed and intensity with ease.

Tom Of Finland Water Sports Sheet


Tom of Finland Water Sports Sheet Set

No matter what kind of wet play happens on it, this Tom of Finland Water Sports Sheet will keep surfaces safe. Made for getting wet and wild while protecting floors, fabrics and bedding from the mess of playtime, this sheet is made from soft black vinyl and has inflatable sides as an added shield from splashing, whether it’s from chocolate syrup, lube or golden showers. Lightweight and portable, it’s also the ideal x-rated travel accessory.

The Best Sex Furniture for More Comfortable Sexual Experiences in 2023


Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

In order to avoid answering questions about what’s attached to the ceiling mount in the middle of the living room, the Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit is a fantastic choice. Instead of permanent fixtures, this smart kit uses any existing doors as an anchor point for hanging. This results in a handy aid for upright fun which is capable of accommodating weights up to 325 pounds. Additionally, the cushioned neoprene and sturdy stirrups provide extra support and comfort when things really get heated.

sex furniture bonbon toy mount


Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount

Even just by itself, the Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used to support or heighten body parts for a more cohesive experience. That’s even before we mention the rounded side, which can be used to assist a back-and-forth rocking motion when faced down. Add to this a mid-pillow opening that can house sex toys, like vibrators or dildos, for an extra kink in sexual exploits and it’s easy to see why this toy mount is a popular sex furniture option.

The Best Sex Furniture for More Comfortable Sexual Experiences in 2023


Liberator Sex Position Wedge

Users who have never used an accessory like this will probably be surprised at what a difference introducing a wedge-shaped pillow can make for sexual adventures. The Liberator Sex Position Wedge truly opens the door to slightly different positions which can make a huge difference enjoyment-wise. It’s available in either blue or pink and includes a removable cover that is easily washed if anyone gets over-excited.

The Best Sex Furniture for More Comfortable Sexual Experiences in 2023


Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount

The Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount is a piece of sex furniture that’s helpful for providing support during sex and mounting a range of toys. The pillow is not overpowering or clumsy in size, but it does exactly what it needs to and includes a pre-cut opening for mounting dildos and vibrators in an erect position for all kinds of play. This versatility makes this a solid choice for both couples and singles. Additionally, it comes in multiple colors, allowing buyers to match sex furniture to home decor.

The Cowgirl Sex Machine sex gifts for long distance couples


The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

For partners in a monogamous relationship who want to spice it up with a third, consider the Cowgirl premium sex machine. This thing is basically the Ferrari of sex machines, with multiple attachments and a clitoral stimulator attachment for bumping and grinding. Complete with 10 vibration patterns and made with heavy-duty metal and PU, this machine is easy to wipe down and provides leg-shaking pleasure for anyone who hops on it. Also perfect for voyeurs who want to watch their partner be taken on the ride of their life.

talea liberator spreader bar


Liberator Talea Spreader Bar

While the Liberator Talea Spreader Bar’s status as a furniture piece may be debatable, what’s not up for debate is how much it can liven up bedroom romps. This bar may seem overly simple, but restraining a partner on the bed or floor can bring a whole new level of fun to previously boring furniture pieces. The spreader includes fully adjustable cuffs and can be used on legs, arms or both to provide a kinky thrill. Additionally, the 30-inch cushioned bar can act as an aid for greater support for positions suggested in the supplied illustrations.

The Best Sex Furniture for More Comfortable Sexual Experiences in 2023


Fleshlight Top Dog

Owners of a Fleshlight device who would enjoy a little more freedom for hands, will love the Fleshlight Top Dog. This piece of sex furniture has been designed with Fleshlight products in mind, resulting in a uniquely shaped holder to accommodate all kinds of play, including a range of doggy-style positions. The Top Dog is made in the USA and features a durable yet sturdy inner foam core, which offers greater comfort. Plus, this piece can be easily cleaned using warm water and soap.

The Best Sex Furniture for More Comfortable Sexual Experiences in 2023


Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing

Outside of the mildly advanced installation aspect, adding the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing to a sex furniture setup can be life-changing. Once the technique has been mastered, these versatile sex aids take away any potential strain of difficult positions and let partners focus solely on enjoyment. This swing is supplied with a torsion spring which delivers a weightless experience. It also boasts the ability to rotate 360 degrees for a fully accommodating experience. The nylon straps are also fully adjustable, and large padded straps wrap around the rear end and back for greater comfort during use.

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