Top 10 Best Portable Closets in 2020

Organizing clothes is often troublesome for people who have to travel a lot. So, they cannot carry their regular wardrobe along with everywhere they go. For instance, if you have to shift from apartments to apartments for your profession, then looking for a portable closet will be a fruitful investment for you. You do not have to waste both excessive space and money on these wardrobes. Even. These models generally come with Velcro and a zippered closure to provide easy organization of your garments and other goods. Check out the top 10 best portable closets in 2020 below.

List of Best Portable Closets Review

10. Portable Closet Storage by Azadx

Azadx Portable Closets

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This portable closet comes with a non-woven fabric cover with the rolled-up door. So, you can have easy access to your garments and other accessories. Moreover, the water and dustproof closet organizer cover keeps the accessories safe from harsh weather elements. The space-saving design of this system easily fits the tight spaces of a dorm room, home, and office.​​

The steel tube and PP plastic connectors make the installation exceptionally durable. Furthermore, this closet includes movable 5-layer 12 storage shelves. You can use the hanging rod for storing your seasonal garments. This walk-in closet has a rolled-up door with side straps. So, you can store your seasonal clothes for years.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The cover has waterproof and dustproof fabric construction.
  • Includes 12 pieces of spacious storage shelves.
  • Suitable for both foldable and hanging clothes.

9. KOUSI Portable Wardrobe Closet


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This easy to assemble portable closet makes the setup extremely tool-free. You can also use this closet system for storing clothes, shoes, lingerie, expensive dresses, eyewear, caps and other accessories. Moreover, each cube of this organizer can hold up to 22-lbs of weight. All cubes of this closet come with the construction of heavy-duty resin material.

This organizer also works as a garment rack, poly-resin storage, plastic modular closet, and clothes shelving. Furthermore, this organizer includes a wooden mallet, 2 pieces of hanging rail and 10 pieces of connectors. The stainless-steel tube along with the ABS connector makes the installation stable and durable.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The cover offers resistance against dust.
  • Comes with a huge loading capacity.ឮ
  • It makes setup very much easy.

8. SONGMICS Portable Clothes Closet

SONGMICS Portable Closets

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The metal tube of the portable closet extends the lifespan of the whole construction. The attached Velcro closure of the cover also helps you to protect your garments from dust and moisture. Moreover, the rolled-up door offers quicker and easier access to garments and accessories.

The internal straps keep the cover in the proper place.​You can also use this closet system to keep your seasonal garments in a well-maintained condition. Furthermore, the non-woven fabric cover keeps the interior breathable. You can keep clothes and shoes protected from dust, mold, mildew, and water. Each compartment and hanging rod can hold up to 8-lbs and 50-lbs of weight.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Perfect for storing seasonal clothes.
  • It comes in a very compact size.
  • The steel frame is extremely durable.

7. AOOU Portable Closet Organizer


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Suitable for the spaces, like bedroom, storage room, dorm and balcony, this portable closet simply fits any tight space. The closet system also includes 14 pieces of storage spaces and 2 movable hanging rods. Moreover, the organizer comes along with a non-woven, dust and waterproof cover.

So, this cover keeps your garments and accessories safe from harsh weather elements.​ The storage also includes 12 compartments distributed in 5 layers to offer plenty of space. Furthermore, the closet is perfect for storing both hanging and foldable garments. The rolled-back door with zippered closure makes both assembly and access to the garments easier.

Reasons To Buy 

  • It comes with several storage compartments.
  • The cover offers resistance against water and dust.
  • Suitable for storing seasonal wardrobes.

6. YOUUD Wardrobe Storage Closet

YOUUD Portable Closets

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Made from heavy-duty steel tubular frame, the portable closet stands in a stable condition for years. The closet also comes with PP resin connectors to offer enough stability to the construction. Moreover, this organizer comes along with a polyester cloth cover. Therefore, this cover provides ultimate protection to the garments from moisture, bugs, and water.​

The zippered cover also keeps garments and accessories from getting dusty. Furthermore, the walk-in closet perfectly fits the tight corners of your home, office and dorm room. The tool-free assembly makes this closet suitable for users. The polyester cover of this organizer is easy to clean.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The steel frame is resistant to rust and break.
  • The polyester cover offers convenient cleaning.
  • Offers high-footed space for storing shoes.

5. Whitmor Portable Storage Organizer Closet


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Make your wardrobe management convenient by using this freestanding and portable closet. The closet system also makes the installation and disassembly tool-free and hassle-free. Moreover, the movable closet organizer is perfect to place in your office, home, dormitory, and backstage theater and other places.​

This closet also comes with a sturdy and long-lasting steel frame. Furthermore, the bungee cord system along with plastic connectors keeps the organizer in a well-installed condition. You can utilize this closet for keeping summer and winter garments and wardrobes. The cover of this organizer breathable and keeps accessories protected from dust, bugs, mold, insects, moisture, and mildew.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Includes bungee cord system.
  • Perfect for storing classic old worn garments.
  • The cover keeps garments in a breathable condition.

4. SONGMICS Portable Closet Storage Organizer

SONGMICS Portable Closets

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The rolled-up door of the cover of this portable closet allows easier access to your garments and other accessories. You also do not need any tool for the completion of the setup. Moreover, this closet system has a non-woven fabric-made cover. The cover offers enough breathability to keep your accessories and clothes safe from moisture and dust.

The heavy-duty steel tubular frame of this organizer also comes with an overloading capacity of 110-lbs. Furthermore, the wall-in closet comes with a space-saving design and offers plenty of space for keeping your regular garments. This system has 9 storage shelves and a center rod.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for small spaces.
  • The door offers a rolled-up opening.
  • It comes with huge load-bearing capacity.

3. SONGMICS Portable Clothes Closet


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The steel tube with a rust-resistant coating keeps the portable closet in good condition for years. The PP plastic connectors of this system offer convenient and hassle-free assembling. Moreover, the non-woven fabric cover offers resistance against moisture, water, and dust. The multiple storage shelves provide ample space for storing clothes and other accessories.

You can also remove and clean the cover as per your convenience. Furthermore, the walk-in closet is suitable for placing in your small room. The space-saving organizer comes with a minimal footprint. The closet interior includes 9 storage shelves and 2 movable hanging rods. So, you can utilize the storage space for both hanging and foldable garments.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The cover has non-woven fabric construction.
  • Includes a pair of changeable hanging rods.
  • Suitable for storing a few gears.

2. Whitmor Clothes Closet

Whitmor Portable Closets

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Derived from a heavy-duty steel frame, this portable closet stands for durability. The rustproof coating of this frame also extends the lifespan of the entire construction. Moreover, this freestanding model is a perfect place for keeping regular or seasonal garments. The small footprint of this closet system easily fits the tight spaces of a small apartment and dorm rooms.

The closet organizer also comes with a detachable cover. Furthermore, the transparent window allows you to find out your garments with no difficulty. Even, the breathable window with zippered closure keeps the interior breathable. The cover protects your garments from bugs, dust, and moisture.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Keeps clothes protected from moisture.
  • It comes with a see-through and zipper-closure window.
  • Comes with a sturdy steel frame.

1. Whitmor Deluxe Utility Closet


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Suitable for storing your garments and other accessories, this portable closet has 5 spacious sturdy wire shelves. You will also have 2 additional hanging bars with this model. Moreover, this standalone organizer comes with a space-saving design. So, this closet system easily fits inside of your garage, laundry room, basement, and other spaces.

The frame of this closet also comes with the construction of high-quality sliver epoxy-coated metal. Furthermore, you do not need any tool to complete the setup of this closet. The plastic end connectors strengthen the frame to support the ultimate installation. The removable cover of this closet has the construction of breathable and long-lasting fabric with zipper closure.

Reasons To Buy

  • The cover is breathable and detachable.
  • The plastic connectors are very much sturdy.
  • Comes with spare hanging bars.

Buying Guide For Portable Closet

Check out the following points when you buy a portable closet.

  • Material 

A portable closet has to be sturdy yet light in weight. So, you can effortlessly carry it along with your almost everywhere. Most of the manufacturers design their closets with soft yet durable materials, like non-woven Oxford fabric with polyester blending. These materials offer both flexibility and robustness at the same time. You can also pick the closets with mesh and plastic material constructions as per your needs.

  • Storage Space 

A closet organizer should have enough storage space that you can keep all your valuables organized according to your needs. There are countless organizers available in the market that you can use them for storing shoes, accessories, linens and baby toys and more. For your ultimate safety, you need to check the weight-bearing capacity of the cubes and hanging rods.

  • Durability 

If you want to look for a sturdy closet then it is good for you to select one of the organizers that come with stainless-steel frames. However, choosing a closet with PP plastic connectors can increase the durability of the whole construction.

  • Maintenance 

Most of the portable closets usually come with durable and easy to clean and maintain construction. Additionally, you can opt for a closet that comes with dustproof and waterproof coating for both durability and hassle-free cleaning.

  • Additional Specifications 

Sometimes, the designs of the closets can include some additional features. For instance, many organizers have extra holes in handles. Therefore, the holes allow air circulation to keep the interior of the closets odor-free and mold-free.


There are different types of portable closets available in the market. They are the basic dress rack, enclosed closet, and likewise. The material construction also varies accordingly, and you have to check the buying parameters mentioned in the buying guide for a better purchase. We have considered all the different parameters and enlisted different types for fulfilling the requirements of different buyers’ demands.

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