Try These Wall Art Ideas to Change The Look of Your Rooms

It’s easy to take a space from boring to beautiful with wall art. Using artwork of any kind is also a cost-effective way to freshen up a space. This is especially true if you have a larger wall that you can turn into an accent wall with either a larger piece or a collage of artworks. If you move frequently or like to redecorate,  art is easily moved from one place to another or changed out to suit your mood or the season. Remember that art does not always equal a painting, so look beyond the usual piece and explore prints, multimedia installations and the use of multiples to find ideas for renewing a room.

Tips for Choosing Wall Art

Love it

Don’t choose art because you want to impress friends – choose a piece of wall art because you love it. You’ll be living with it 24/7 so it should speak to you in a way that creates joy, gives you pause or elicits some other emotion or memory that you enjoy. It’s your home, your style and your personality so go with your gut when it comes to picking art.

Include a Variety of Media

Overlooking different or nontraditional media when considering wall art ideas can really limit creativity on coming up with a unique and distinctive look. The last thing you want is a space that looks like a generic chain hotel room, so adding a piece done in a textural or nontraditional medium keeps a room fresh and stylish.

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Respect Size and Scale

While we’re all for throwing away the rule book when it comes to wall art ideas, the one principle that still must be respected is that of size and scale. In any area, it’s critical to measure and consider the size of the work you want to add and how it compares to the other elements in the room. Just as a giant canvas that barely fits a wall will overwhelm a space, a small-sized wall sculpture in the center of a massive wall will be lost in all that blank space.

Consider the Room

Before deciding on a wall art idea, consider the room as a whole. What is the overall vibe? Is it bright and filled with light or is it on the darker side? Does the wall run along a high-traffic area where a delicate wall sculpture might be damaged or is it removed from general daily activity? Is there a definite color scheme? Answering questions like these will help you choose the right piece for the right spot.

Keep Color in Mind

You might absolutely adore a large, vivid abstract work but it may not be the right piece for your master bedroom. Colors most definitely create a mood and if you want to preserve a calming atmosphere in your bedroom, colorful wall art ideas are probably best reserved for the main living spaces in your home, or a home office. Adding a brightly hued work of art to a neutral living space adds a pop of color and immediately creates a focal point, so your beloved piece will definitely get attention.

Mix it up

Being a fan of a particular wall art idea is great, but fill your home with all the same types and it can start feeling very one-dimensional. The holds true both for the specific medium and for the style. If most of your décor includes paintings or prints, add a wall sculpture or tapestry for variety. Moreover, don’t be afraid to break with a particular décor style when it comes to wall art. Mix and match is the norm these days and a modern work can live happily in a traditional space just as an old-school portrait can meld with contemporary or modern décor.

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Textile Materials

Wall art created from any variety of textile media is a sure way to add dimension to a room and it doesn’t have to be a traditional tapestry. This particular piece by Brazilian artist Vivian Caccuri is quite delicate but still acts as a focal point because of the size and colors. It nicely demonstrates how a light and airy piece can be full of drama and visual volume.

Neon Art

Traditionally used for signage, neon is increasingly found in artworks too. Pieces like this colorful geometric piece can be a marvelous solution for a room that tends to be dark. The light creates an instant focal point, making the content of the art stand out. While this piece is colorful and angular, there are many types of neon wall art ideas that include those with words and phrases.

Themed prints

This gallery wall is exceptional for the number of works included, the colorful nature of the individual elements and the overall theme. Ideal for this bar area with its cocktail theme, it has enough kitsch to be fun but not at all cheesy. An oversized canvas might be your first thought with regard to size and scale for this wall, but a tightly arranged gallery wall of like-sized elements fills the same requirements with more variety.

Wall Mural

Wall murals might come to mind when thinking of the living room or the bedroom, but they are also a great wall art idea for any part of the home. This glam scene is ideal for the dressing area of a home and elevates the space from a closet into a far more stylish lounging space. Consider wall murals for areas like alcoves, entryways and even eat-in kitchen dining spaces. They’re dramatic, easy and attention-getting.

Textured Wall Coverings

A sure-fire way to create a dramatic wall is to use a textured wall covering. When it comes to wall art ideas, this is especially useful for neutral spaces where you might not want to introduce any new colors. It’s also good for areas like this rounded stairwell where it is more challenging to incorporate traditional types of wall art. The deep textures on the wall create all kinds of shadows and variations in light that are rife with drama.

Three-Dimensional Flowers

Flowers on the wall don’t have to equal wallpaper if you consider small three-dimensional elements for a room. The wall surrounding this bed are dotted with hand-crafted ceramic posies that are neutral in color but have a great deal of detail in the center and stand out from the wall in varying degrees. If flowers are too fussy for your space but you like the concept, there are similar wall elements that come in more modern or geometric forms.

Patterned Tile

While the wall of this bathroom is already tiled, a secondary tiled section in a more dominant, complementary design is used as wall art. This is an especially great wall art idea for the bathroom, where you might not want to hang valuable or delicate works of art because of the moisture in the air. This is a pretty exciting concept because the range of tile patterns available these days is marvelous. And, although you might not want to tile a big section of your bathroom in the more dramatic print, this is a great way to use it in the space.

Textile Panels

If there’s a patterned textile that you love in your space, consider using it on panels to act as wall art. Here, the tall stairwell is already painted a deep teal, making the zebra-patterned panels stand out. Doing this allows you to break up the expanse of print by leaving borders of the painted wall in between to keep the busier print from being too overwhelming. This idea works on a smaller scale too, so it can be used in a regular-sized living room, bedroom or home office.

Black and White Art

Abstract black and white works are very versatile.

With a great deal of focus placed on adding pops of color to a room, it’s easy to forget about the dramatic effect that a piece of black and white art can add to a space. This is true for rooms that have a lot of color present as well as those that follow a totally neutral palette. A light colored cabinet and peachy-tone walls are nicely accented by the black and white art, framed in black and gold. The moderately sized black frame has an inner frame of gold, which pick up on the gold hardware.

A predominantly black and white palette is very dramatic.

A room that is already predominantly done in black and white is a natural place to include a large, dramatic piece of art the follows the same color palette. Here, everything in the room is black and white, highlighted by the earthy brick color of the rug and coffee tables. Rather than introducing more color, it’s a great accent wall idea to heighten the impact of the black and white art is by using a larger size and placement above the mantel.

Textural and Three-Dimensional Art

Textural wall art is eye catching.

Another great accent wall art idea is to install something that is more about the texture and the material than the color or visual rendering. Living room conversation areas are easily turned into a focal point with a large expanse of textural pieces.  Here, a 12-piece arrangement of wooden squares creates a large and dramatic accent wall. The beauty of using multiples of one element is that the size can be as expansive as needed to create drama.

Symmetrical placement is not always a must.

Using pieces of different sizes that are arranged in an innovative way is another way to jazz up some wall space. The common element in this installation is that all the pieces are brass, while the interest comes from the varied sizes, patterns and non-linear placement. A wall art idea like this can be achieved with purchased pieces or some type of DIY elements that you create yourself.

Unusual frames turn mirrors into wall art.

Multiple mirrors with decorative frames are yet another option. Generous frames made from interesting materials like these rustic wood pieces transform modestly sized mirrors into art elements that are ideal for an accent wall. These are also a great example of the different styles that wall art can follow — it’s not all high-end paintings, colorful drawings or glitzy wall sculptures.

Repeated elements are ideal for an accent wall installation.

Multiples of a decorative wall art element can also be used to highlight a specific part of a room. These metal and glass teardrops are neutral in tone and not overly shiny, so they could work well for contemporary decor or even perhaps a room that has a rustic or industrial flair. It’s a type of wall art that would also be appropriate for any space.

Use wall sculptures to repeat metallics used elsewhere.

Wall sculptures can also add interest when you use just a few pieces. A trio of round creations striped with enough shiny gold to make them stand out prick up on the gold hardware of the cabinet and the finish of the lamp. It’s quite a good dose of metallic shine, so the best palette is a neutral one. If there was a lot of color in the room, it might end up being a bit gaudy.

Lots of metal creates a one-of-a-kind wall.

In some cases, drama plus drama equals even more drama!  An organic silver console is striking enough on its own, but when you add intriguing wall art, it really ups the ante. The orb-shaped wall sculptures have craters lined in silver which echo the forms in the console. Even if you were to use a more modest number of orbs, this is an amazing accent wall for a living room or entryway.

Temper the glitz of metal with elements that have a matte finish.

Not a fan of too much glitz?  Tone down the shine by choosing a wall art installation that includes elements with a more muted finish. In this example, smaller and lighter gilded pieces are combined with larger, earthier rounds that have a darker, matte finish. The smaller gold pieces pick up the pattern from the table lamp creating a unified, coordinated look.

Metallics don’t have to be shiny to add drama.

Even spaces with plenty of shine can add drama by adding artwork that has less glitz. This cube sculpture features metallic finishes, but they are muted and don’t gleam like the cabinet underneath. With so much shine on the front of the cabinet, a restrained metallic artwork is far more distinctive than a glitzy one would be.

Colorful Paintings

Wall art is ideal for adding bright colors to a room.

Modern, realistic, abstract, naive — every single style of painting is popular for a reason. The images, colors and representations appeal to people and provoke thoughts and feelings. A painting is a type of wall art that is always favored because it can turn any area or wall into a focal point, especially when it uses color to do so. Abstract works like this one are a big pop of brightness, picking up on the oranges and reds in the rug and the pouf.

Art with muted colors can have a big impact on a dark wall.

Even artwork done in more muted tones can add color and drama to a wall. These are excellent wall art ideas for a space that is dark and generally neutral. Here, the space is neutral even though it is predominantly gold and the dark brown wall makes an ideal background for an abstract piece that features multimedia elements.

Diptychs and Triptychs

Multi-paneled works give the illusion of one large art piece.

Really big art can be really expensive, not to mention sometimes unwieldy. A great alternative is to opt for a diptych or triptych, which is a fancy way of saying an artwork made up of two or three panels. Using a piece of art this is composed of a couple of moderate or even large-sized panels give the look of a giant work of art. This abstract piece is a diptych of ethereal, cloud-like forms that highlight the seating area wall.

Two large panels make the wall a big feature.

Black and white art that is multi-paneled also has great impact. A neutral, globally inspired space is dressed up with a black and white diptych over the credenza, creating an instant accent wall. Again, using black and white in a space that has a neutral palette is a great way to add interest without introducing vibrant color.

By accenting the colors present in the room, this diptych has more impact.

A more opulent style of room can amp up the drama with artwork that picks up on the gilded elements of the furniture and other accessories. The golds, yellows and creams used in this diptych brighten the dark brown wall and visually pull in the credenza, creating an instant feature wall that will definitely serve as a focal point. Wall art ideas that enhance the pieces you already have are an excellent way to increase the impact of a room.

Gove small works a greater role by turning them into a collection.

While this isn’t a diptych or a triptych, it is a wonderful example of how to give smaller works a bigger impact. Frame them all exactly the same and hang them as an installation. This turns the wall above the sofa into a focal point just as one large artwork would. Hanging individually in different locations, these drawings would be an afterthought instead of a major.feature.

Mirrored Elements

Mirrored elements are perfect wall art ideas for a dining room.

Sure, we already know that large mirrors on the wall can visually expand space and create drama, but wall sculptures that use mirrored elements are also very distinctive. This is a great wall art idea, particularly for the dining room, where you might not want just a large framed mirror. The multitude of organic shapes reflect the light and offer glimpses of the space without creating a large reflective image.  It’s an understated and creative way to add a larger piece of mirror.

Drawings and Prints

Prints and drawings are an easy, popular way to create an accent wall.

Along with paintings, realistic drawings and prints are among the most popular ways to add wall art to a space. These are ideal because they can be works created by friends or family, pieces that have been collected over time, or images purchased to fit a particular decor scheme. Some people say that art should be chosen for its meaning or appeal to you, not because it matches a space, but that is an entirely personal decision. This seating area is nicely accented by the piece featuring large windmills.

A set of drawings can have more impact than one alone.

Sometimes a pair of drawings makes a good wall art installation. These two owls, clearly from the same series by a single artist, are a good example of using a pair of artworks. Rather than a single piece, which would not have enough impact, the two together are framed by the rustic shutter-like sconces, creating an accent wall. With less impact, it would just be a cute corner.

Multiple images framed to match create a dramatic display.

Sets of prints in various even numbers can make a dramatic accent wall no matter what the subject. This industrial-style console is very attractive but not large enough to be a focal point. The addition of multiple prints, all of the same subject theme and similarly framed turn this area into an accent wall. This can be a budget-conscious way to use wall art, rather than investing in much larger works.

Mechanical and vintage drawings have gained great popularity.

Vintage prints are very popular for use in a variety of decor styles and oversized drawings of common items in a vintage style are great wall art ideas. These can be renderings of utensils, appropriate for use in a dining room or kitchen, or other types of mechanical drawings scaled up for use as wall art that are more suited to a family room, library or den.

Images with rural elements emphasize a rustic or farm style.

Even rustic spaces can use prints as a wall art idea to carry through the decor theme. Images depicting rural themes, animals or other rustic elements are ideal for maintaining the look. Here, a coordinated set of prints featuring cows emphasize the farmhouse style of the credenza.

Wall Art As Headboard

Give a bedroom pizzazz with an artful headboard.

To make a big statement in the bedroom, choose a headboard that is like a dramatic piece of art.  This Christopher Guy sunburst headboard positively radiates art deco style and make the wall behind the bed the feature wall of the room. It also means that the wall neither needs nor should have additional embellishments of any kind.

Using artwork as a headboard can have dramatic results.

An alternative is to make artwork the headboard. This panel of upholstered squares that are artfully arranged is a great example. The addition of a spotlight really puts the focus on the headboard. While you wouldn’t want anything else on the wall, a tall piece like this behind the bed means that it’s possible to use large and dramatic bedside lamps, much taller than normally advised.

Turn even a modest headboard into a piece of wall art with contrasting colors.

Even a modestly sized headboard can become wall art when combined with other elements like the plain mirrors that flank this upholstered headboard. Against a dark wall and accented by the dark bed linens, the shape of the headboard becomes a dominant feature and the focal point of the wall.

Vintage Clock Faces

Oversized clock faces are popular pieces of wall art.

In today’s all-digital society, it might be surprising to find that vintage clocks and clock faces have become very popular as wall art. Functional or not, these clocks add drama to an accent wall, either through their style, oversized dimensions or a combination of both. This oversized clock face rests on the dining room sideboard and this manner of display adds impact to the furniture as well.

Vintage clock faces add interest to any space.

A clock face that is much larger than the cabinet underneath draws the eye to the wall art and adds impact to the smaller piece of furniture. The vintage style, worn face and French language make it a distinctive piece of wall art that elevates the small corner.

As you can see, wall art ideas abound when you look past the obvious. That said, the most common types of wall art can also be dramatic additions to a space, especially if you want to create an accent wall or a feature wall. Let your budget and your taste be your guide and remember that art is very portable!

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