We Found the Best Father’s Day Gifts on Amazon

Believe it or not, Father’s Day is a little over a month away (June 20!), which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts. If you want to get ahead on your shopping (read: find the perfect present before it sells out), now’s the time. Whether your dad is always whipping up a tasty new recipe or is the resident fixer-upper, gifting him something that speaks to his passions is a foolproof way to make this Father’s Day the best one yet. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite dad-inspired gifts from Amazon to kick-start your search. And the best news? All our picks are under $50.

Thought Starters to Find the Best Father’s Day Gift

Finding a thoughtful gift is hard, especially when your dad doesn’t drop hints. Hone in on the perfect pick with these four prompts, tied to his favorite cuisine, a new hobby, and more.

  • What’s his go-to restaurant order? If there’s something Dad is never not craving, use it as a jumping-off point for a knockout present. Cookbooks or kitchen tools can help bring his hankerings home.
  • What’s a much-loved item in his closet that could use an upgrade? Has he mentioned his raggedy wallet or cracked reading glasses recently? Keep your eyes peeled for products he’s running low on or gadgets that need a boost so that your gift feels not only thoughtful but useful. It will save him a shopping trip, which, as all burned-out parents know, is a gift in and of itself. 
  • What’s the chore he always gets stuck with? Whether it be dish duty or dust busting, odds are there’s a chore that always has Dad’s name written all over it. Opt for a gift that makes his life easier.
  • What’s his recent obsession? Think of ways to expand his interest, like new headphones on which to listen to his favorite true-crime podcast. An added bonus is you can discuss his hobbies together, which just might be the best gift of all.

If He’s a Grill Master

If your dad feels most at home whipping up burgers for the family, there are endless gift options that will be right up his well-seasoned alley. Consider a butcher-approved spice set perfect for meats and veggies; spatula tongs (yes, this combination really does exist); or cookbooks from The Barbecue Collection, designed for steak lovers to find their perfect recipe. Bon appétit!

If Hobbies Are His Thing

With a new hobby every week, this dad can be hard to shop for. Getting ahead of his newest interest will ensure he loves your gift and offer a unique surprise when he opens it. If he’s a bookworm, a neck-hugging book light will allow him to read late into the night (pair it with How to Change Your Mind, a fascinating look into the vast world of psychedelics). If he wants to try something new, watercolors might inspire some wall art. Or kick-start his green thumb with his very own philodendron monstera.

If He Wants to Soak Up the Sun 

A day at the beach is a popular activity to ring in Father’s Day (and celebrate summer), so gifting Dad outing-appropriate accessories is a foolproof recipe for success. JBL’s mini Bluetooth speaker is perfect for clipping to a backpack for mid-trek sing-alongs. If he’s more the lounging type, a lime-hued cooler and reclining beach chair will offer the relaxation he craves on his special day.

If He’s Due for a Little Self-Care

Sometimes the best gift is an opportunity to just unwind. Treat Dad to the ultimate day of rest and relaxation with products to make him feel his very best. Opt for an ice roller to soothe irritated skin, chic soap enriched with walnut extract, and a white noise machine with 24 sleep-inducing sounds for when the day is done.

If He’s a Fitness Junkie

Always on the go, a dad who loves activities needs a gift to supplement his insatiable energy and love of adventure. Sporting sculptural wrist weights will make everyday errands feel like an accomplishment, while a smart jump rope connects to his phone to give him all the info on his cardio exercise. If he’s focused on post-workout care, a foam roller will soothe tired muscles, and resistance bands will offer an opportunity for advanced-level stretching.

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