Weekly Love List; Wombats and Portable Sauna

In this week’s Love List, the SweetPhi team is sharing their favorite finds from throughout the web.  Keep reading for a great new meal delivery recommendation, in-home sauna, comfortable heels and so much more!

open notebook and paper clips

  1. I got my first order of Hungryroot and cannot tell you how much I truly love this healthy meal delivery and grocery delivery service. I’ve tried A LOT of different services, this one is by far my favorite. I was a little like ‘omg what’ at the first price tag (over $100, I had added a lot of groceries) and I put the exact same items into an order via Whole Foods to price compare…you guys, it was $45 CHEAPER to have it delivered to my door via Hungryroot – and with Hungryroot it comes with recipes/instructions, etc. So yeah, definitely going to be ordering them again.
  2. The most expensive piece of clothing I’ve ever purchased – I saw it and just, wow, it’s very much my style (I have a very simple style and only a few pieces. I’m the type of person who would rather spend more on a few things I love than have a huge closet full). The company is certified B corp, sustainably made, women owned – they even have a ‘why is this so expensive’ faq lol. I def. signed up for their emails to get 15% off my first order, a whopping $40! I feel very adult.

    Cardigan, Hungryroot, book cover
    Cardigan | Hungryroot | Someone Else’s Shoes
  3. Ever heard of wombats? Too cute! 
  4. Wonderful piece on benefits of journaling morning-noon-or-night. 
  5. OMG this book is SO GOOD!!!

Bridget’s Picks

Hover soccer balls, heels, Lego build book, Polar Box cooler
Hover soccer ball | Heels | Lego idea book | Polarbox cooler
  1. I love a good retro design, so this Polarbox cooler caught my attention right away.  I want one in each color!
  2. My Mom gifted me this Be Kind box by Ellen and it’s so fun to get a surprise in the mail.
  3. I just read about these heels that are said to be “as comfortable as sneakers” – sounds pretty good to me!
  4. It is my son’s birthday this week and these are two little gifts I’m so excited about; hover soccer and Lego build book.  He loves playing soccer so this hover soccer set will be perfect to play in the basement!  Building Lego with him is one of my favorite activities, so this book will be a fun one!

Alyssa’s Picks

Hair heat protectant, book cover, portable sauna
Heat protectant | 7 Habits of Highly Effective People | Portable sauna
  1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book, so it’s my next read!
  2. I just ordered more of this heat protectant. My hair stylist uses this line and they all smell so good and work great!
  3. I recently got this portable sauna and it’s so amazing! It doesn’t take up a lot of space, it has so many health benefits and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the house!
  4. We’ve been watching this show on HBO and it’s pretty good so far! I usually don’t like zombie/apocolypse type shows but this one seems different than the other ones out there.

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