What is Movies Anywhere? Here’s what you need to know

In this age where we purchase and watch our entertainment from digital and streaming sources, consumers have several different storefronts to purchase content. There’s iTunes, Google Play Store, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and many more. As a result, many, if not most, movie fans have their digital collection of films spread out among all these outlets.
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At least, that was the case until 2014, when Disney created at the time was dubbed Disney Movies Anywhere. It allowed people who purchased Disney movies digitally to access them across a number of storefronts, without having to pay again to watch the same film on each outlet. In 2017, it changed its name to just Movies Anywhere, thanks to the fact that other major Hollywood studios joined up to support the same service for their digital library of films.

Today, Movies Anywhere supports not only a number of digital film stores, but the Comcast Xfinity cable TV service. Here’s what you need to know about Movies Anywhere, and how you can sign up to use this handy service.
What is Movies Anywhere?

As we mentioned earlier, Movies Anywhere is a Disney-controlled digital movie locker service. It enables supported digital films to be synced up to several online storefronts when they are purchased. Comcast cable TV customers can also watch them on their set-top box with its Xfinity service. In addition, there are Movies Anywhere apps that are available for a variety of platforms, and you can also watch all of your supported films on the web via the Movies Anywhere website.
Where is Movies Anywhere available?
At the moment, Movies Anywhere is strictly for U.S. consumers. There’s no word if Disney plans to expand the service to other parts of the world.
Can I purchase digital movies on the Movies Anywhere apps or website?
No. Movies Anywhere is not a storefront all by itself. It’s a service that serves to sync up your movie purchases from several different storefronts. For example, if you buy Avengers: Endgame on iTunes, the film will now also appear automatically in any of the other supported digital storefronts that are linked to your Movies Anywhere account.
Can I redeem my digital movie codes included in new DVD and/or Blu-Ray movies on Movies Anywhere?

As long as the DVDs and Blu-Rays come from one of the Movies Anywhere-supported Hollywood studios, you can redeem your code found with the purchase of those discs to add the digital version of that movie to your Movies Anywhere library. You just go to the Movies Anywhere redeem page type in the code, and you should be all set.
What digital movie stores support Movies Anywhere?
Here’s the current list of digital storefronts that you can link together with your Movies Anywhere account?
iTunes – Apple’s digital movie store. Google Play Store – The Android-based digital film source from Google. YouTube – Also owned by Google; any movie purchased on Google Play Store also shows up on your YouTube movie library, and vice verse, regardless if they support Movies Anywhere. Amazon Prime Video – The digital storefront owned, obviously, by Apple. Microsoft Movies & TV – The storefront owned by Microsoft that’s mainly for Windows 10 and Xbox users. Vudu – This storefront is owned by Walmart. FandangoNow – This digital movie store is owned by the Fandango movie ticket service. Xfinity – This is just for Comcast cable TV customers. What movie studios support their digital films with Movies Anywhere?

Five of the major Hollywood studios currently allow their digital films to support Movies Anywhere. They include Disney, 20th Century Fox (recently acquired by Disney), Universal, Warner Bros. and Sony. This covers a ton of major movie franchises, including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Aliens, Predator, Avatar, Die Hard, DC movies, Spider-Man, Jurrasic Park, Harry Potter and many, many more.
What movie studios don’t currently support Movies Anywhere?
As of this writing, Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM/UA are not supporting Movies Anywhere. That means if you want to buy a Star Trek, Transformers, Hunger Games, Twilight, or James Bond film on one of the Movies Anywhere-supported storefronts, they won’t automatically show up in the rest of your libraries. Hopefully, their boycott of this service will end in the near future.
Do any TV shows support Movies Anywhere?
The answer, oddly enough, is, “Mostly, no”. As the name suggests, Movies Anywhere supposed to be a movies-only digital locker service so if you buy a season of your favorite TV show, even if it comes from one of the supported Hollywood studios, it will stay in the storefront where you bought it. That being said, a very limited number of TV miniseries and movies are indeed supported by Movies Anywhere.
What platforms support the Movies Anywhere app?

The standalone Movies Anywhere app can be accessed from a variety of platforms and devices:
iOS/Apple TV Android Amazon Fire TV/Fire tablets Chromecast NVIDIA Shield TV Roku-based TVs/set-top boxes and sticks
In addition, you can watch your library of films at the Movies Anywhere website on your Windows or Mac PC. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers. The Movies Anywhere site is not supported by Linux-based PCs.
How do I sign up for Movies Anywhere?

It’s pretty simple to sign up for a Movies Anywhere account. Again, this service is just for U.S. consumers. If you live in the U.S., here’s what you need to do.

1. Go to the Movies Anywhere website and click on the “Get Started” logo on the top right part of the site.

2. You will be taken to a screen where you can choose to use your Google or Facebook account, if you have one, to create your Movies Anywhere account. If you choose not to use this method, you can manually type in your preferred email address, along with your first name and password, to establish your account.

3. Finally, you will be taken to a screen where you will be asked to link your newly established Movies Anywhere account to the supported digital storefront that you already use. If you don’t want to do this right away, that’s no problem; you can go back to this screen at any time by going to your account profile on the Movies Anywhere website.
Can I set up separate profiles for others to access my Movies Anywhere account?

Yes, you can! If you have kids or other family members that you want to share your Movies Anywhere library of films with, here’s how to set them up with their own profiles.

1. Go to the Movies Anywhere website, log into your account, and then click on your own profile. You should see an “Add Profile” selection in the menu.  Click on that option to continue.

2. You are now in the Add Profile section. Just write up the name you want to use for the new profile, and add an (optional) profile image.

3. You can then decide if you want to limit the Movies Anywhere library you have for the person who is using this profile by its MPAA rating. A slider lets you select the rating, which means if the profile is for a child, he or she can be limited to watching just G or PG-rated films from your library.
How many streams at once can I watch from the Movies Anywhere service?
If each person on the same account is watching a different movie, the Movies Anywhere website or app allows up to four simultaneous streams at once. It also supports up to two simultaneous streams of the same movie at once on one account. Keep in mind that your Movies Anywhere library can also be streamed on all of the supported digital storefronts as well, just in case four streams at once is not enough.
Does the Movies Anywhere app support 4K and/or HDR streaming?
If you bought a 4K digital movie, it will stream at that resolution on the Movies Anywhere app, assuming your device or platform can support it. However, the app currently only supports movies with the HDR10 standard. It does not support movies that use the competing Dolby Vision HDR standard.
Does the Movies Anywhere app support movie downloads for offline viewing?
Yes. You can download movies on up to eight separate devices at once with the Movies Anywhere app for offline viewing.  You can keep your devices offline for up to 90 days before the downloads expire. One big limitation is that the Movies Anywhere app does not support 4K or HDR movies for downloads.
Can I continue watching a film on Movies Anywhere where I left off on another device?
Yes, you can! If you watch a film on, say, the Roku Movies Anywhere app, and have to stop in the middle, you can continue where you ended in the movie on, for example, the Android Movies Anywhere app.

That’s what we can tell you about the Movies Anywhere service and apps. Have you used it to watch your library of digital films?
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