When buying a new baby walker, you want to be sure that you are getting the quality that you pay for

There are tons of options online, so figuring out which models are the best can be hard. Plus, your baby also is likely to have their own preferences when it comes to a walker.

This handy buyer’s guide is going to be a huge help to you as you sort through all of the baby walkers on the internet. You can be sure that only the best models made it onto this list, so you can be assured that your child will be safe and happy.

If you want to spend less time researching baby walkers, then be sure to keep reading.  That way, you can get it sent to your home sooner rather than later. These are the best baby walkers available online.

The 9 Best Baby Walkers

In these following entries, you will find a wide selection of the best baby walkers. We made sure to include a variety that will suit you, and your baby’s, preferences. You will be sure to find something that suits your needs on this list.

1. Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

This Joovy baby walker comes in a few different colors, can hold up to 30 pounds, and is fairly priced. It is a classic sit-in baby walker but includes some additional features. The walker is very light, making it easy to transport and store. So, if you often need to take your baby walker with you, this is a fantastic option. When folded, it fits easily under a bed or couch.

The design is simple, but it looks nice. Plus, the tray is very large, giving you a lot of space to use. The tray even goes a little around the sides of the chair, which is great because it makes it harder for your baby to drop or spill things. It also makes it more difficult for your baby to reach something that they are not supposed to have.

The tray is unique in that you can remove the front of it, making it easier to clean up. The walker can even be adjusted to the height of your baby, so their feet can always be touching the floor- which is comforting to them. The wheels allow the walker to slide easily on hard flooring. When it comes to carpets, however, your baby may have trouble moving.

Another feature that many parents appreciate, is the stair pads on the bottom of the walker. If you have large flights of stairs at home and want to be certain your child is safe sliding around, then this model is amazing. Even if the front wheels go over the edge of the first step, the walker will be halted from moving further.

The main downside to this baby walker is that the wheels will not lock. This means that your baby can always be on the move- not a bad thing, but there are times where you might want them to sit still and eat with the tray.

If your baby is taller, then they will likely grow out of this walker very quickly. Even with the three height settings you have available, the walker would not be high enough off the ground for a tall baby.

What We Like

Easy to store and transport
Large easy to clean tray
Dishwasher safe
3 height settings
Stair safety features

What We Don’t Like

Wheels do not lock in place
Not going to last taller babies very long

2. Safety 1st Ready, Set, Walk!

This option is great if you want a walker with some toys on it for your baby to play with. The design is nice and is very functional. The toy tray can be removed and cleaned easily, or taken out to give your baby some more space for other things. This walker also features 3 different height settings, so it works great for many babies.

The baby walker is also quick and easy to put together. It just takes a few parts snapped securely into place and it is ready to go right out of the box. It holds up to 26 pounds and is good for growing babies since you can adjust the height in no time at all.

The toys on this walker do light up and make noise, so it can be too distracting for some parents. Still, it is sure to provide entertainment and hours of fun for your baby. We appreciated that the toy attachment was removable.

That way, they do not get in the way of food and would be able to give way to other items if needed. This option is pretty cost-effective as well, giving you some good features at a lower cost.

Overall, this was a quality sit-in baby walker. As the best option in this guide, it can be a little too short for taller babies, and the wheels are sometimes hard to get moving. Still, this is a wonderful option if you want to test out how your baby uses a walker.

What We Like

It comes with an easy to remove toy attachment with 3 different toys
Has 3 different height settings
Includes music and lights
Very durable

What We Don’t Like

Not many color options
The wheels can be hard to get started
Not dishwasher safe

3. Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker

This is another decently priced baby walker. It has a classic design but includes a ton of fun and exciting toys for your baby to play with. The bottom of the walker is fitted with safety non-slip patches to keep it from going over the stairs as well.

The Safety 1st walker folds up nicely so that it is pretty portable and you can store it very easily. It will fit under any bed and will not take up a lot of space in your closet. The walker can be adjusted to three different height settings, working perfectly for tall babies.

If your baby is shorter, they might not be able to reach the ground in this walker. It is higher than most walkers, making it perfect for if you have a very tall baby. The height settings allow for some leeway as your baby grows up.

The toys include some crinkly items, lights, and sounds. If you want to move them, they easily slide out of the way to reveal a snack tray. They are a nice size, although they can not be removed from the baby walker. This makes them a little harder to clean, but not impossible.

The seat cover, however, is easy to remove and can be put in your washing machine. The wheels roll easily on hard floors and the design was pretty durable. 

There is one weird thing about this walker- there is no way to change the batteries. We were wondering what you would have to do if the batteries died and the toys stopped working, but we could not find an answer.

What We Like

Fun toys that can be moved aside when needed
Washing machine safe chair cover
Nice design, very durable
Great for tall babies

What We Don’t Like

No way to change dead batteries
4. Bright Starts Walk-a-bout Baby Walker

This Bright Starts baby walker has many positive reviews, features a cute design, and is pretty durable. It is a little more difficult to put together than other walkers we listed here, but not impossible. The back seat is taller than most, making it better for supporting the heads of babies.

However, this taller back seat does not fold up well, so you might have some trouble getting the baby walker to fit underneath your bed. Other than that, it is mostly easy to store and transport. 

It has 3 different heights that you can adjust it to and works best for babies between 15 and 26 pounds. Although, the design of the leg holes on the bottom of the chair is quite narrow, making it harder to get your baby in and out easily. If your baby has chubby thighs, then you might have some trouble getting them to sit in the walker comfortably.

The toys are safari themed, including a steering wheel and sounds. You have control  over the volume, so you can set it lower so that only the baby hears it while playing. As a parent, you probably understand how important a little feature like that can be.

This is a good baby walker, although it does have a couple of design flaws. Still, if you like the cute safari-themed toys or want to be able to control the volume on your baby’s toys, then this is a decent option.

What We Like

Cute durable design with high back seat
Volume control for the parents
Lots of fun toys for the baby

What We Did Not Like

Small holes for the legs, makes it harder to get the baby in and out fast
The back of the chair does not fold up, making it harder to store under beds
Batteries are hard to replace

5. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon Baby Walker

This push baby walker is a throwback to the classic red Radio Flyer wagon. It is designed to look like them, including the logos and wooden panels. This nostalgic appearance is even durable and fun for your toddler to push around. Many kids enjoy filling the wagon part with their favorite toys.

If your baby is taking their first steps and working on learning to walk, then this walker is great. It gives them a way to practice and use their muscles without putting too much of a strain on them. 

If you do not like little building projects, then this may not be the walker for you. The baby walker needs to be completely assembled, taking many customers about half an hour to put together. 

The wheels have a feature where you can adjust how hard or easy it is to move the wagon around, meaning that you can adjust the resistance to how strong that your baby is.  The wheels do make some noise when they are being pushed with the tension on, however.

There also is a padded front bumper on the wagon. That way, if your young one accidentally bumps into the wall, there will be no marks left behind. The handlebar is not able to be adjusted, although it sits at a good height for the average toddler. If your baby is tall, they might have to bend down a little bit to push the wagon.

The cost of this baby walker is also pretty good for the quality and classic design of the wagon. If you had a Red Flyer as a kid, you will know that they are extremely durable and your child will love playing with it.

What We Like

Durable, classic, and recognisable design
Can adjust the tension of the wheels
Perfect for learning to walk

What We Don’t Like

The handlebar’s height can not be changed
The wheels make a constant clicking noise when the tension is on

6. VTech Sit-to-Stand Baby Walker

This is a cost-effective push baby walker that comes in different colors. It is covered in fun toys that your baby is going to love playing with. It is best for babies who are just starting to learn how to walk, they will need to learn to pull themselves up with the walker to use it. Because of that, it is best suited for babies between 9 months and 2 years old. 

If your baby is younger, they can still have fun playing with the toys until they are ready to use the walker portion. The tray of toys can be removed and played with while the baby sits on the floor. The toys are not the best feature, but the walker itself is excellent.

The wheels work smoothly, it is durable, and it is easy for your baby to pull themselves up with and use. It is not expensive, so it makes a great walker for your baby to use to get better at standing up on their own. The walker is also great at traveling over rugs and thin carpets, making it useful if you have a lot of those at home.

Finally, the wheels can be adjusted to have different tensions, making them easier or harder for your baby to push. We think that the younger kids should have higher tension, so that the walker does not roll away from them too quickly. Older kids will be fine with the wheels spinning faster on a lower tension. 

Overall, this is a quality walker that your child will enjoy.

What We Like

Cost effective with many features
Great for learning to stand and walk on their own
Turns easier than other walkers
Does well on rugs

What We Do Not Like

Walker wants to slide sideways sometimes
7. Hape Wooden Wonder Walker

This is a high-quality baby push walker that is painted using non-toxic coloring and has tons of cute attached toys. The toys are simple and fun, keeping your baby entertained without overstimulating them. 

This sturdy walker is extremely difficult for your baby to knock over, as it is very stable and wide on the ground. This makes it a perfect tool for your baby to hold onto as they learn how to walk. The front of the walker also has space for your baby to set their own toys on and push them around.

The Hape walker is easy to put together and is durable. The only negative aspect we saw with the design, was that some parents reported that it was hard for their baby to turn the walker on their own. The wheels do not slip and the walker can not be popped up easily, meaning that you will have to help your baby get going in a different direction.

The wheels are a little hard to get going, but work excellent on any type of carpeting. This toy works well outside too, meaning that your baby will likely want to take it with them wherever they go.

What We Liked

Made from durable and quality materials
Cute and simple design
Works well on carpets and outside
Easy to put together

What We Did Not Like

The wheels can be stiff and hard to get rolling for younger kids
The wheels do not want to turn very well

8. Cossy Classic Wooden Baby Walker

This wooden walker consists of many classic wooden toys and features a durable design. The walker is bright and colorful, but still simple and not overwhelming for your baby to play with. The assembly when you take it out of the box is very little- about 5 minutes after checking out the instructions.

Even though the wheels are made from wood, they still include a rubber trim that keeps the wheels from slipping or spinning too fast. They also protect your floors from taking damage and give you some extra peace of mind.

The back of the walker has a storage basket for you to put toys. The toys included on the walker are all made from wood and are really fun for your baby. This includes a xylophone and a set of blocks that your baby can put through holes on the walker.

The only real issue parents had with this walker, was that the wheels were difficult to adjust  to the same exact tension. They might also loosen over time, making them spin faster than you might like.

This is still an amazing, cute, and fun baby walker overall. We are sure that your baby will love playing with wooden toys. Plus, it is sturdy and durable, so your baby can knock it over plenty of times without breaking it as they start adjusting to walking.

What We Like

The classic design and the wooden toys
Durable and made from quality materials
Wheels have a plastic no-slip film on them
The colorful paint is non-toxic

What We Do Not Like

The wheels are iffy when it comes to adjusting them
The wheels get lose again over time

9. Jeep Wrangler 3-in-1 Grow with Me Baby Walker

If your baby loves cars, then this would be a super fun surprise for them! The walker resembles a classic Jeep Wrangler, with mirrors and working turn signals. It has every detail, from the headlights to the recognizable green shade of paint. 

The best aspect of this walker is that it grows with your baby. It can be a traditional sit-in baby walker, a push walker, a car to ride in. The car is easy to assemble into any form that you want, as long as you have a Phillips head screwdriver ready for the batteries.

It works well on hard floors and alright on many thinner types of carpets. While it does not have a typical tray for eating or toys, the front of the walker is themed like a Jeep. It has a steering wheel, working headlights, and mirrors that show your baby what is behind them. They will enjoy pretending to drive a car through the house.

This walker is hard to store since it does not fold up into a small size. However, it has a ton of fun features and will probably be your child’s favorite toy for a very long time. It is important to note that the plastic parts do feel flimsy in some areas. They might snap off easily, but they do keep the Jeep walker feeling nice and lightweight- so you can transport it easier or lift it up when your baby starts heading off in the wrong direction.

What We Like

Fun and unique design that resembles a classic Jeep
Has a lot of features that your baby will love playing with
Works alright on carpet and turns well

What We Did Not Like

The plastic is not durable in some areas
What to Consider When Buying a Baby Walker

Spending Budget

You want to set a high enough budget for a quality walker that is going to be durable enough for your baby to use effectively, but do not want to break your bank account. What is a good amount then?

Many of the walkers on this list fall between $40 and $80- which is a decent range for a good baby walker. You can decide on the amount that you are comfortable spending before you start shopping. That way, it is much easier for you to stick with your budget plans.

Preferred Style

After that, you are going to want to determine what kind of style you want the walker to be. Do you want a push or sit-in walker? This can be affected by the age and motor skills of your baby as well.

Until a few years ago, sit-in walkers were considered to be more dangerous than push ones. This is because babies can reach higher when sitting in them and can roll pretty fast. If you forgot to shut a door behind you, your baby might be able to get into something they should not.

Modern sit-in walkers have more safety features in place, so you will want to be sure that you are picking a newer model. It might cost more, but if you are planning on going with a sit-in walker, then it is worth the price for more safety.

The Right Height

If your walker is too low or too high, your baby will have trouble using it. Luckily, many modern walkers come with features that allow you to adjust the height of the walker somewhat. Taller babies might feel cramped in a low walker, while shorter babies will not be able to touch the ground in a walker that is too high for them- defeating the purpose of using one.

Baby Walker FAQs

Are walkers good for the baby?

Parents have been using baby walkers for generations. They help to teach a baby how to stand on their own and build up the muscles that they need to support their own weight when walking. 

Do they cause bow legs?

You will want to wait to use a baby walker until your child has developed some muscles in their body from crawling around. Some studies have shown that using a baby walker too early in your child’s life can cause bow legs, so waiting until your child is moving more on their own is best.

You can also choose how long that you want your baby to spend in the walker. If you are worried about them developing bow legs, then having them spend less time in the walker is ideal for you.

How old should a baby be before they use a walker?

You will know that your baby is ready for a walker when they are taking a few steps before sitting back down. You will want to let them learn to stand on their own before you start putting them in a baby walker.

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