When you want the most comfortable sofa and bed to sleep on without spending a lot of money or sacrificing too much floor space, futons are the best option available

These traditional beds have been around for a long time since they originated in Japan and the modern futons are all about plush-feeling and a great night’s sleep.

People wanting to buy a futon often ask ‘what is the thickest futon mattress’ and after some research online, we discovered that anything above 8 inches is considered as a thick and plush futon mattress. However, there are a few models that are as thick as 12-inches and in my opinion, they can be called the thickest futon mattress.

The thicker the mattress, the more comfort, and support they will provide to the sleepers. However, when buying a futon (see my futon mattress reviews), you must consider the type of metal or wooden frame on which you plan to keep it on. The frames also come in different sizes and capacities, so make sure you measure the horizontal and vertical length of the frame before buying the mattress.

If you have already bought the mattress then look for a fitting frame that can properly accommodate the twin, full-size, or twin-extra long mattress. Some people even prefer using the thickest futon mattress without any frame beneath it. They prefer placing it on the floor like the Japanese do to make a comfortable bed at night and then put it away in the closet or fold it to form a sitting area during the day.

When you have guests come in and sleepover at your place or just hang around to watch TV together, these easy to fold and stack away beds work great. Some people may put a futon cover over the mattress to make it thicker than its original size. The traditional Japanese futon bed comes in three parts –  a pad to sleep on, a blanket to cover you and a pillow. It’s the sleeping pads that have evolved to become the modern futons of today.

If you wish to buy nothing but the thickest futon mattress available, then here are some good choices for you. Check out our unbiased review:
Mozaic Full Size 12-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress
This futon mattress (see Price) comprises of the highest-grade double-sided memory foam made from polyester material. However, the one thing that stands out is the size of the mattress – 12 inches, something that is not common for the average traditional mattresses. It is covered with poly cotton twill tufted cover to provide more comfort for the sleeper and also add to the interiors.

This standard full-size mattress can fit any type of bed frame and the edges hold up well to give your sofa or bed a nice appearance.  The mattress is not only comfortable but also extremely durable, hence it can take a lot of beating and rough handling. We can assure of the quality as the handmade product is Made in the USA as per the norms of the federal flammability standards – 16 CFR 1633.

The manufacturer guarantees that the product is created in a safe and responsible environment, and it is shipped to your door quickly. If you wish to save space and also buy a product that weighs less on the pocket, then we would recommend you to get a Mozaic futon mattress. It is one of the thickest foam mattresses you can buy and it will last for several years. Whether you want one for your bedroom, guestroom, or living area, just choose the color and a frame to give the product a custom look.
Pros Cons – Ideal for small apartments and dorm rooms
– Comes in 9 exciting color options
– Easily reversible for extended wear
– Spot clean using cold water to remove stains
– Lace tufting gives it a sofa-like look
– Highly versatile product, suits different frames – Takes several days to expand to full size
– Smells slightly, but goes away after some time

The average full-size futon mattress usually ranges between 6 and 8 inches, however, if you are looking for something that is more plush, thick, and comfortable, check out the Mozaic Full Size Cotton Twill Futon Mattress. It comes vacuum-packed in a box and takes a while to gain its original shape. Overall, it’s a wonderful mattress worth every penny!
Benefits Of Thick Futon Mattress
Yes, there are mattresses that are about 6-inches thick, then why should you go for a thicker one. The answer is simple. Unlike the Japanese who prefer sleeping on the floor, this may not be a feasible option for you, hence a thin mattress will feel hard and uncomfortable. As a result, you will need to buy a separate frame and some thick futon covers to get the desired comfort.

A thick futon mattress serves as a great bed that you can use without necessarily buying a frame for it. The extra fillings give a more plush feeling, without your back feeling the floor. Thus, you can save money by investing in a thick mattress that can be a proper bed for your small apartment or dorm room. Even your guests will be elated when you offer them something so comfortable to sleep on.
Disadvantages Of Thick Futon Mattress
Thick futon mattresses are understandably not as portable as the thin and light ones. Carrying them from one room to another may require two people. Also, it may not be practical to fold them and stack away in a closet or under a bed when not in use. 

Another disadvantage we can think of is that buyers who are not satisfied with the product or find any damages may have a hard time putting it back into the box and shipping it back unless the seller has a good customer support.
Difference In Support And Comfort Level
Some brands of futon mattresses come filled with polyester or other types of fiber filling to provide a comfortable sleeping and sitting option. However, these are typically thin when it comes to thickness and may not be very comfortable for the sleepers. The thicker and supportive options available for futon beds comprise of the models that contain memory foam, coils, or a mix of both.

There are certain brands such as Serta futon mattresses and Wolf Mattress that offer special mattress that comprise of coil springs and are surrounded by memory foam pieces to provide additional support and comfort.

You can also bring about a difference in terms of support and comfort level by adding a futon cover over the mattress. The covers come in a wide range of colors and fabric to provide excellent protection and support to the bed. Many people do not like the bare surface of the mattress and the covers come handy. The attractive and bold colors such as bright red, grey or tan also stand out and add to the beauty of interiors.

Besides the futon beds, you may also choose to purchase single-sized futons from brands like Gold Bond, that can be used with a chair frame or loveseat. Whether you are looking for futon mattress for home or office, you can find them online.
Related Questions What are the different sizes of futon mattresses?
There are four main sizes of futon mattresses and they are chair, twin, full, and queen. Please note that there is no King size futon mattress.
What is the average futon mattress
The average size of the futon mattress is between 6 inches and 8 inches. If you want the thickest futon mattress, opt for the Mozaic Full-Size 12-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress reviewed above. For more information: Average Futon Mattress Size (With Examples)
What’s the most comfortable futon mattress size?
We would undeniably say that 8-10 inches is the most comfortable, besides being the thickest. However, it comes down to the personal preferences of customers and their specific requirements when buying a futon mattress.
What kind of frame(foundation) do you need for the thickest mattress?
Now that you know what is the thickest futon mattress, you would also be wanting to find out what’s the best frame or foundation for it. While they can comfortably fit on almost all types of sofa beds, you can also use them without any frame because they are so thick.

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